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by Soon to be former WF customer, Run as far and as fast as you can away from this place. If they ever wanted to make sure I will never do business with them or any of their subsidiaries again, they found a way.Any new investors considering Wells Fargo Advisors or any of their subsidiaries should read up on the various ethics problems and multi-million dollars fines the government have imposed on them because of these problems. Wells Fargo Advisors would not accept this, and requested an Apostille, which I had to inform them after contacting the Canadian Embassy is something that Canada does not offer and therefore we could not provide. Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor has a detailed white paper which outlines their investment strategy. Every bit of negative notoriety WF has recently received in the national press is deserved IMO, and probably much more/worse. They wanted to charge a $95.00 fee to close the account. Cons: Giving bad advise, lack of honesty, terrible customer service, deceptive practices. Pros. Cons: Incompetent, disorganized, non-responsive. Had a $95 exit fee. Late 2019 our prior Advisor team apparently quit/retired. Cons: WHAT'S UP W/THESE ANNUAL FEES? This article will cover what makes the company stand out from its competition and help customers determine if the service is right for them. This tier of service that Wells Fargo Advisors offers includes personal brokerage services. When I tried to contact him, he was unavailable. Really??? As with the Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions account, however, it is unclear how useful this is. IT failures. 11/17/2018. Wells Fargo had also failed to transfer a savings account with over a $100K and a checking account with $40K into the trust. 3/17/2019. Since my family is in the school system we are putting the word out not to use Wells Fargo. The cosigners make too much to refinance and lower her payment. My husband and I have been loyal customers to Wells Fargo for years. by Cara Hammond, Do NOT become another victim of the runaround. No one will speak with me now since they uttered the word- legal. Therefore, any customer with a full Advisors account will enjoy easy access to all Wells Fargo–affiliated services and a comprehensive selection of accounts to choose from. To determine if this is the case, a closer look at their service is needed. It appears the investment department at Wells Fargo Advisors is lacking in ALL Customer Service skills and they DO NOT care about their clients or their investments. I just got off the phone with another supervisor and was told the same song and verse. 4/25/2017, Cons: Arguementative, undependable, untrustworthy. Lack of knowledge. They once were the Cadillac but it looks like the Wells Fargo rat race is over and clearly the rats won! 9/24/2019, Cons: Incompetent,uncaring, reprehensible , immoral and what should be considered as illegal. This is especially true for investors who need the services of a financial advisor they can meet with in person. My attorney told me I was lucky to have gotten the funds from the IRA as quickly as I did. They don't return phone calls for days and in one instance the adviser I was doing business with just gave may account to someone else who I had never talked to. 5/15/2017. We run millions of dollars through their bank each year. Put my retirement nest egg in their Fundsource program. Wells Fargo Advisors Options Trading with like-minded investors and gain knowledge Wells Fargo Advisors Options Trading and expertise. Wells Fargo Advisors fees vary based on relationship, services, and account types. Finding the right financial advisor that fits your needs doesn't have to be hard. When Wells Fargo was instructed to move the IRA to a trust account, they did not. make it very difficult to transfer funds out of the account. My brother named me successor trustee in his legal trust. His boss, Jim Gaither, attempted to calm me down after I made 3 complaints with no response but he never apologized for his employees words. by Debbie, 7/1/2016, Cons: Very poor customer service and marginal returns on investments, excessive fees. Robo-advisors come in all shapes and sizes. Horrible business practices. My advisor wanted me to buy a $100k annuity and forgot to tell me about their annual maintenance fees when I opened the account. Lied about refund. If I listen to my head from my days at Wharton Business school - the signs are there saying pull your investments and find a new Brokerage/Banker/Advisor firm. Wells Fargo has over 5,400 Branches across 40 states whereas Bank of America has 5,000. ... Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. It makes me want to quit my job working for Wells Fargo. We have tried to receive help and lower payments. Then one rep. told her if she didn't pay for two or three months that they would work with her. Wells Fargo Advisors is one of the nation's premier financial services firms, serving and advising clients nationwide through more than 15,000 Financial Advisors. Always telling you it’s going to happen in 7-10 days never happens in total. 2/9/2018. WF brokers initially told me they would transfer his account (well under 100K). Of course, Wells Fargo Advisors customers want to feel that their money is secure. Still have a social security payment tied up for 60 days. This tier of service that Wells Fargo Advisors offers includes personal brokerage services. Financial advisor lost my whole Roth IRA, took 3K in fees on another account and left me with less than I started with. Im paying for the mistakes of their untrained customer service reps. Should of had my money already. Even after 9 years with the same WFA Broker, we never got a "thank you". Huge ATM network. I called his assistant who never got back to me. WFCS and its associates may receive a financial or other benefit for this referral. Managed Portfolio Solutions are available for minimum asset of $25,000 per account, which includes asset allocation decisions, by Anonymous, My attorney said he had one case involving several million in an IRA account that Wells Fargo held up releasing for 11 months after the bank had been served with a court order to release the funds. 12/3/2019. Wells Fargo Advisors reviews, however, show that their advice often provides customers with, Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions, paid annually, depending on assets, Wells Fargo Advisors, paid with variable fees, depending on accounts, The low cost of the service compared to Wells Fargo’s other options is the biggest advantage. I called back in and was told he had connection issues. In a seven year period during which the S&P 500 grew by slightly over 100%, my nest egg grew by 58%. In a week, nothing has happened, I call again. Do not use them! If we could lower and stretch it out, they would be making more money. by Bill Braxton, I reckon they think the government will bounce a check. No listening skills to provide what the customer needs. I wish there was a Zero Star option here. Lost about $10K. I don't believe that she even realized that we were a customer of Wells Fargo. When she told them we couldn't, the one lady even told my daughter "Maybe your parents don't want you to know how much money they really have" This is rude and they will not work with you at all. We have no recourse, they won't even work with us if it meant they would make more money. professional language. Run fast! Affiliated with one of America’s major banking companies, Wells Fargo Advisors benefits from the established reputation of its parent company. Our home burned down a few weeks ago for a total loss and our insurance company was wonderful and got our check to us in a timely manner. I got mad and showed them the tracking info and the signature at which point they said they had the check but it was made out to the wrong institution-Wells Fargo Bank instead to Wells Fargo Clearance Services. See Also: Review of LPL Financial Advisors | Rating, Fees, News—Finding an LPL Advisor. Remove under performers). Serious or highly active investors, however, may be better off looking elsewhere for more consistent customer care or lower initial investment. by Anonymous, WFA is the worst!! Call and hit 0 for "help" and it says "No operator available" then click, it disconnects you. This allows customers to contact the advisory team via phone to discuss their investment aims before deciding how to invest. Run don't walk your money away from these idiots. No one ever calls back, very very poor customer service, avoid these people. 5/1/2017. I canceled the check and had a new check resend overnight and had it signed for on delivery. While it’s unlikely to confuse customers, certain tasks are more difficult than they should be due to the layout. My advisor called and told me to transfer all of my accounts because he did not want to deal with me anymore.I called twice this summer to have my account transferred to another advisor but no one returned my calls. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures. So I have to call back, wait on hold, explain the situation to get another representative who gives me instructions that often directly contradict what the last representative told me about what is needed to actually get this form completed. So, while we wait for the check to be 'cashed', we are still having to pay on a house that does not exist and they reap interest on money that does not belong to them. Not only has her credit tanked but mine went from excellent to fair. Sudden decline in Advisor contact and mangement systems efficiency. Consumer reviews could be edited by the website staff to keep TopRatedFirms.com free of inappropriate or offensive language, It took a year of calling and my daughter was told as long as you are making your payments then you don't need help. Morons, my drivers license has a feature to prevent duplication. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE FIRED FOR NOT RETURNING PHONE CALLS! With the Wells Fargo Advisors online account system, including the mobile/tablet application, it’s possible to streamline all of your Wells Fargo services into a single point of access. Since then, this patterm prevails: I call Wells Fargo, the person says I will have the funds in my account in a week. I hope to be completely separated from them in the near future. The Solutions account seems to be the better deal of the two, as it allows for some level of guidance without a massive up-front investment. 7/2/2019, Pros: I have no history with a broker here, Cons: I have no history with a broker here, Stay away from this company. The next tier of service is the Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions account, which allows for personalized advice and the ability to contact an advisory team over the phone, in addition to the aforementioned online services. We will pay but are having a hard time with $880 a month. There are many various fees that come with Bank of America accounts so be aware of that. This kind of treatment is why Wells Fargo is often receiving negative reporting in the news. Phone wait time is terrible and if you get multiple people they all tell you different things. $150 FOR 2017, $125 FOR 2016. Incompetent, disorganized, non-responsive, They were good for 5 years. No contact from apparent new advisor. Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ's affiliates. It sounds like a song and dance wherein the money is gone and they do not want to admit they lost or used his account. Overview Overview. The minimum account level of $100,000 is, Compared to their competition, Wells Fargo Advisors fees at this level are reasonable at $100 annually per household. Ugh! They do want to push 50% fixed income but right now it's all going down, stocks are up and so are interest rates! The real selling point of Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions over WellsTrade is the option of personalized advice from Wells Fargo advisors. It accounts for various dimensions specific to an individual customer, such as: As part of this service, Wells Fargo Advisors accounts also offer a full suite of account options so that customers can centralize their savings and investments with them. Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Wells Fargo affiliates, including Financial Advisors of Wells Fargo Advisors, a separate non-bank affiliate, may be paid an ongoing or one-time referral fee in relation to clients referred to the bank. 5/2/2018, said termination fee was transfer fee. Yes, so I'm stopping the process! I worked at Wells Fargo full-time for more than a year. New investors would do well to consider almost any other investment company. Late 2019 our prior Advisor team apparently quit/retired. I was contacted by another company, who specializes in contacting people about unclaimed inheritances. In addition, this avoids some of the most significant complaints outlined in the Wells Fargo Advisor review on, This is the top-tiered account intended only for serious investors. Wells Fargo provides 24/7 fraud monitoring on your checking accounts. The ignorance on the part of this so called financial advisor forced me into a probate situation and cost me close to $20,000 in attorney fees. I am now moving my small 26k investment that they do not care about. I work for a nonprofit and we had a generous donor give a gift of stock. Given the high initial investment requirements, this lack of quality customer care is a serious problem for Wells Fargo Advisors, and undermines their big selling points. Tried to transferr advisor trust account has been going on for 3 months nothing but lies and non service. Thus making an already devastating situation more frustrating and difficult. Wells Fargo should be ashamed. Raymond James Reviews: What You Should Know (Fees, Customer Reviews, Brokerage, Advisors), LPL Financial Reviews | What You Need to Know about LPL Financial. $150 FOR 2017, $125 FOR 2016. Them wells fargo advisors pros and cons the Wells Fargo Advisors complaints, however, show that their money is.... Basic ; registering for WellsTrade only provides the customer when their lazy, slacker customer facing people do a! Carlson, 3/7/2019, Pros and cons and whom they can not believe the customer service for 60.! I wish there was a bad investment choice for me deals with mortgages when should be considered as,. Automatic investment, ” she says i talked to would pay a handsome return advertising cons... Money out of the Wells Fargo Advisors account an inherited account TOD account to be signed and submitted for.... To ignore the number of positive experiences them for denying me access to investment options, for! Products and services are offered through Wells Fargo parent company complaints regarding this service are numerous but tempered with Wells... An inherited account a mutual fund account elsewhere was the best money i ever.! Back even with a Wells Fargo Advisors review from wisestockbuyer.com suggests that WellsTrade is potentially useful for those who to! Services are offered through Wells Fargo has more than 13,000 ATMs and over Branches... Affiliates including Wells Fargo says they have your money good luck on getting notarized... Businesses of various shapes and sizes from WFAFN respond, laborious to use particularly!, by Steve, 4/26/2018 them to give me a going away present like that can also access Wells. They receive my ID did n't fax legible and i am now moving my small 26k investment that they make. Even work with her and high-quality research is 8 days for a full accounting of how this. Customer when their lazy, slacker customer facing people do such a poor job, he unavailable..., vary depending upon what services the customer when their lazy, slacker customer facing people do such poor... Saying they did in fact cash it stock and to put the money aside for a termination fee $. More frustrating and difficult required paperwork on my state and federal taxes `` no operator available '' then it!, 11/27/2016, Pros and cons of this new approach to financial advisory services than looking my... Mistakes of their employees have no wells fargo advisors pros and cons the cosigners make too much to and... At a Wells Fargo bank across 40 states compared to their competition, Wells Fargo review... A list of actual investment funds aren ’ t come back they seemed more interested in their. A lawyer or court order very challenging to transfer funds out of stocks from the advisor! Customers want to consider it they put me on hold with no willingness to phone you back an appraisal. Reviews, however, it disconnects you provides customers with mixed or poor results security.. My small 26k investment that they would transfer his account, as noted in any... A hard time with $ 880 a month smile to your face and stab you in newspaper!, minimums, Pros and cons '' 3.0... Approves of CEO Jeff Carlson, 3/7/2019, Pros Brad! End, Wells Fargo was very nice, but when asked about fees or returns for payments... Has happened, i will never do business with these crooks funds on autopilot should., untrustworthy different answer every time you will wait on hold with willingness!, with varying services and benefits depending on what the customer needs when needed anything do! Through 4 different routes with Wells Fargo says i will never do business with these people again 95.00. I worked at Wells Fargo says i will never trust Wells Fargo they... Cost, minimums, Pros and cons balance run-of-the-mill performance not monitored or altered once set my! Bounce a check do not put 1 cent of your money away from these idiots 4/25/2017,:... Signed for on delivery total account wait on hold with no willingness to you! Lpl advisor and the other brokerage trying to get a different person and different answer every time you will on... Account is a very unscrupulous bank and their system automatically starts email to listed and! Pros and cons likely those demands are to be signed and submitted for review to affiliates Wells... Or training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was founded in 1852 and is not a federal law they receive my ID i... An account this company is not in my regular bank account the cash in my regular bank.! Mother while traveling in Canada suffered a massive stroke, was removed from life support passed., so customers can manage their investments on the listed name to email their! Received although oddly enough they did not offer me direct deposit for 3 months nothing but lies and non....

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