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I have a CWF duo matic forced air coal and wood furnace. Below we provide HVAC manufacturer contact information and direct links to free downloadable installation, service, wiring diagrams, and users manuals, focusing on hard-to-find manuals for older models or discontinued equipment. Master Index to Direct Links to Free Downloads of Air Conditioner Manuals, parts lists, wiring diagrams. Retain this manual as long as you own your HEATMASTER SS furnace. I would like to put in a newer thermostat with a switch to control the fan. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. 94 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2M6 Canada TF: 1-877-929-1214 – Fax: 604-929-5184, Website: (also lists other addresses and contact number) alliedboilers.com/contact/, Allied Engineering - US Sales Office Moved to ANTHES BOILER AGE MANUALS & PARTS GUIDES. P.O. Our focus is on the needs of our customers first and foremost and as a result, we enjoy almost 99% material acceptance rate. You might also try contacting Allied Engineering, Allied Engineering – •FlameMaster installs flex, bison, and sundials •During the installation of CMake and Python •Choose to add the executables to the PATH •Extract FlameMaster to C:\FlameMaster •Commands for the installation . We link to related lists of other installation & operation manuals for other building mechanical systems such as water heaters, water softenes, well & water pumps & controls. 7300 S.W. Doug that sounds reasonable to me but it's be more accurate, when interpreting the meaning of 3 LED flashes on a circuit board if you gave the product brand and model. Don't confuse model number with serial number. The company's current (2017) product line incldes air conditioners, heat pumps, oil & gas furnaces, packaged units, coils, and ductless systems. Apologies for the delay. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. USA Customer Service Tel: 800-259-5883 Website: https://cleaverbrooks.com/, Contact Information for Coleman HVAC, Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning 5005 York Drive, Norman, OK 73069, United States, Tel: 877.874.7378, Website: http://www.colemanac.com/, List of Current Coleman gas furnaces with links to technical specifications produced by York International: http://www.colemanac.com/Residential/Gas-Furnaces, Mars®, Comfort Aire Century Corporation, 1900 Wellworth Ave., Jackson MI 49203, USA, Tel: +1 517-787-2100 Website: www.marsdelivers.com or www.heatcontroller.com, This third party vendor stocks Snyder General parts (probably not manuals), Other Comfortmaker split system evaporator coil installation instruction manuals are found at http://www.gocomfortmaker.com/go/index.asp?NID=0:9:23&getItems=129&t=86&s=477, Consolidated Industries, Furnaces originally in Greenvile NC, USA, Lafayette Indiana manufacturing plant ceased operations in 2000, purchased by Texas Furnace in 2000. Contact Flamemaster® in Colorado Springs. We take pride in our ability to deliver short lead- times. I have a serial number but I need a rating plate number for insurance purposes and the numbers are no longer legable. The serial number, not the model number, will give the equipment's date of manufacture. Photo: data tag for a Coleman Central Electric Furnace designed for use in manufactured and mobile housing and for installation on a combustible floor and in an alcove or closet. Please help. of Worthington Air Conditioning in 1964, was purchased by Fedders. Watch out: some spoofing websites have gamed the search engines when you search for Flame-Master Furnace Manual and either load executable virus files or tell you they're giving you a Flame-Master Furnace manual but actually deliver a manual for a Kil 1825 Router. DMO Industries manufactured two brands of furnaces, Olsen and Airco. Controls high limit and fan motors in forced air heating systems. Note: for page loading speed this index to HVAC manuals is spread across several pages, but all of the individual companies are listed on this page. Garfield Heights, OH 44125 But HVAC manuals can be hard to find, or expensive, even though the manufacturer's will usually gladly give a copy to a consumer or service technician who needs one. It has been leaking, I think a pipe bursted in it last winter, I cannot find the manufacturer. VALLIANT Boilers, Watch out: you might successfully find parts, manuals, wiring diagrams for Sears (at left), Singer or other HVAC equipment brands by searching for "Companyname Parts" online. In 1991 Arcoaire became part of Inter-City Products (name later changed to International Comfort Products). Vokèra Boilers, Noting any patent numbers on the equipment data tags, Noting any dates on owner's manual left with the equipment, Noting dates on service tags on the equipment, Noting whether the equipment appears to be original or is a replacement, Allied Engineering - US Sales Office, In 1970 became Singer American Furnace. But I think if your equipment is old, you may be out of luck finding anyone at the present company who knows a thing about it. Founded in 1888 by boiler manufacturers in search of safe boiler design techniques and materials, the organization today provides a common ground for information sharing and to achieve better understanding and communication between manufacturers, their customers, government and the public.Â. Website: www.crane-htg-air.com Tel: 513-641-4700. Contact Information for Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating Products, International Comfort Products LLC, P.O. Crane's furnace technology was purchased by Amana. Current as of 2017, Crane-brand HVAC equipment is produced and distributred by several entities: I have a house that was built in 1950, it has a Crane cast iron gas baseboard heater. Mars is an HVAC/R supplier whose brands include Comfort Air and Heat Controller. How to Determine the Age of a Furnace. Also, the filter (that apparently was not changed for at least 25 years, per the previous owner) is the strangest I've ever seen. Regrettably the company's website does not provide downloadable manuals, product specification sheets or other details. ED114- m4984-4274. Axeman Anderson, founded in 1944, produces coal boilers, electric boilers, gas fired boilers, and oil fired boilers. It's worth a call to be sure that the part number or manual are ordering is really for the equipment that you are repairing or servicing. (May 7, 2020) Annie said: ClimateMaster continues in business (in 2015) as a manufactuer of geothermal heat pump systems. Or see MANUALS & PARTS GUIDES for HVAC FAQs - Q&A posted originally on this page. Scottsboro, AL 35769-7405 Distributor for Cosmogas boilers: EI, Embassy Industries Inc., 300 Smith Street, Farmingdale NY 11735, Tel: 631-694-1800, Website: www.embassyind.com Email: sales@embassyind.com. 50A55-3797 In-Stock. We manufacture a diverse line of military/commercial sealants, fire protection products and coatings, electrical potting compounds, optical adhesives, silicone's, modified epoxies and heat resistant ablative coatings. If you have trouble finding a mechanical system installation or service manual, CONTACT US and we will research it for you at no charge. but no serial no. Well we can hear humming and was wondering if you have a manual to this unit? User manuals, MASTERFLAME Indoor Fireplace Operating guides and Service manuals. The Creda storage radiator data tag shown above is for a Creda different model. Data needed on older boilers made by Axeman Anderson Company, South Williamsport PA 17701 USA Notice that the model no. Box Creda Storage Heaters, including Creda, Creda Electricaire, Creda Comfortaire heaters, are a U.K. heating system. Turns fan on and off according to plenum temperature via helical bimetal sensing element. Need a wiring diagram for a Witt condenser skid. Watch out: See this important  BLUERAY RECALL NOTICE about older Blueray furnaces and boilers. Our site was designed for easy navigation and to assist you in selecting the Power Flame products of your choice. Manufacturers of Gas and Electric Boilers, Stainless Steel Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Electric Boosters. One Carrier Place A modulating gas valve allows it to operate between 40% and 100% capacity, which helps conserve energy. Moved to CARRIER AIR CONDITIONERS BOILERS FURNACES AGE MANUALS. 39 Years Combined Experience Family Owned & Locally Operated Insured / Member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild - see. 877-421-0480 ABMA’s community of focused interest and problem solving brings the technical and production expertise of an entire industry to bear on a range of energy and environmental policy issues. Lennox Corporation has done a better job than some other companies in providing copies of manuals for not only the company's current product line, but also for its older equipment. 2201 Dwyer Ave., Utica, NY 13504, Website: www.olsenhvac.com/ Their customer service number is 866-847-6656. In those articles we provide documents with extensive equipment data tag decoding information, both free, and for purchase from other sources. We cannot get a straight answer as to age. Moved to DUNKIRK BOILER MANUALS AGE CONTACT, Moved to ECR INTERNATIONAL BOILERS HVAC AGE MANUALS CONTACT, Moved to EMERSON HVACR SYSTEMS MANUALS CONTACTS, Moved to EMPIRE HEATING SYSTEMS - Empire Comfort Systems, JeffDid you see COLUMBIA BOILERS (Manuals Contact Info) at https://inspectapedia.com/heat/Columbia-Boiler-Age-Manuals-Contact.phpYou'll need the model number from your Columbia boiler data tab - I'm not sure I see that in your query, I need a service manual MB for a 1998 Columbia .serial number 148702, Donald take a look at the information and manuals at ECR INTERNATIONAL HEATERS https://inspectapedia.com/heat/ECR-HVAC-Manuals-Age-Contact.phpI'm not sure this is the right collection for you since the name "International" is used by several manufacturers. CENTURY Engineering Corp., Cedar Rapids IA, purchased by Heat Controller 1975. The American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA) is the national, nonprofit trade association of commercial, institutional, industrial and electricity-generating boiler system manufacturing companies (> 400,000 Btuh heat input), dedicated to the advancement and growth of the boiler and combustion equipment industry. If your HVAC equipment is older and is one of the brands whose name has a complex history, and if you can determine the year of manufacture of your equipment it will assist you in tracking down which company is most likely to currently stock parts or manuals for that product. Master Index, arranged alphabetically, begins below. I believe it might have been installed around 1983, possibly later. Look at this example: Olsen's product line originated in the 1940's. Day & Night HVAC, component of BDP Co., Div. 1-800-448-5872 Website: http://www.ducanehvac.com/, Also contact Allied Air Enterprises, Tel: 1-800-448-5872, Other Manuals for Ducane equipment: http://www.ducanehvac.com/owner-support/product-literature.asp, S. Yee, and J. Baker, "Improving Gas Furnace Performance: A Field and Laboratory Study at End of Life L. Brand", Partnership for Advanced Residential Retrofit August 2013, retrieved 2/27/2014, original source: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/publications/pdfs/building_america/gas_furnace_performance.pdf NOTICE Available electronically at http://www.osti.gov/bridge Available for a processing fee to U.S. Department of Energy and its contractors, in paper, from: U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information P.O. Emerson White-Rodgers Hot Surface Ignition, Integrated Furnace Control Board, for Select Single Stage Trane Furnaces. It looks to be made from a brown fiber of some kind (looks like horsehair, almost), possibly plant-based. Thank you for the question about finding the age of a Super Hot boiler, Linda. This serial number may be prefixed by R, RN, RNG, RHNG or other letter combinations. I think its a 1963 or 1964 furnace,it was in the house when i bought It and the house was build in 1964 and there is no signs or paper work that it was replaced at anytime, just paper work on when it was tuned up or serviced. Sealants. V744 535, On 2015-02-21 by (mod) - comfort aire hot air oil furnace. Tyler, TX 75707. Kimberly I don't know the specific cast iron baseboard heater you mention but it would be odd to have to physically pry one from a wall; rather it most likely must be disconnected at either end of its piping and then screws or bolts are found that secure the unit in place. Columbia Patriot - Columbia Emerald The Columbia Boiler Co. produces steam & hydronic heating boilers including models that can provide domestic hot water. Flamemaster Furnace Manual Arul Nool, the first Ayyavazhi work in print was released in 1927, followed by the Akilam in 1933, almost a century after it had been written down. Flamemaster furnaces are notorious for their heat exchangers cracking in a specific spot, it’s best to check that prior to putting any time or money into one. Most gas furnaces use either a flame sensor or a thermocouple, sometimes referred to as a "thermal coupler." Our key personnel have been at Flamemaster for decades and are an integral part of our success. york/luxair/fraser johnson flame sensor rod - s1-02530802000. - Yee & Baker (2013). One model no. We also provide links to the manufacturer's current model lists and literature. A furnace which leaks carbon monoxide, such as the one featured in the Consolidated Inc. case, is a silent killer, because those present in a home may suffer symptoms over a period of months without identifying the source. JOHNSON INDUSTRIAL / JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCE Co. PACIFIC INDUSTRIES (Custom-Aire Furnaces), RUUD Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, SANYO Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, Inverters, American Boiler Manufacturers' Association, ADP B-Series Multi-Position & Hydronic Air Handlers IO Manual, ADP F-Series PREMIER LOW PROFILE AIR HANDLERS, ADP F-Series PREMIER LOW PROFILE AIR HANDLERS older models, ADP MX-Series INDOOR MODULAR BLOWERS - ModuleFlex IO MANUAL, ADP R Series Multi-Position AIR HANDLER INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL, Ajax BOILER OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL, ALLIED ENGINEERING AAA COMMERCIAL GAS BOILER IO MANUAL, ALLIED ENGINEERING HSE CONDENSIGN BOILER INSTALLATION & SERVICE MANUA, ALLIED ENGINEERING MG Mini-Gas BOILER IO MANUAL, ALLIED ENGINEERING MSE Mini-Star ELECTRIC BOILER MANUAL, ALLIED ENGINERING SG-Series BOILER MANUAL, Alpine STANDARD AC FURNACE CONTROL WIRING, American Boiler Manufacturers Association, INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, 13 SEER Split System Air Conditioner 1.5-5 Tons R410A, CARRIER Air Conditioners, Boilers Furnaces, Axeman-Anderson Anthratube Coal Boiler MANUAL, Axeman-Anderson Centaurus GAS / OIL BOILER MANUAL, Axeman Anderson ENERSTOR ELECTRIC THERMAL STORAGE SPECIFICATIONS, Axeman-Anderson Olympia OIL BOILER MANUAL, Axeman Anderson MOBILE / MODULAR HOME BOILER MANUA, Baxi System 35/60 & 60/100 GAS FIRED WALL MOUNT BOILER MANUAL, BECKETT GeniSys™ Model 7505 ADVANCED BURNER CONTROL MANUAL, BECKETT GeniSys® 120V Model 7575 ADVANCED BURNER CONTROL MANUAL, NORTON by BROAN D-SERIES ELECTRIC FURNACE MANUAL, SOLAIA 3-5 SECTION BOILER STAND INSTALLATION MANUAL, BUDERUS G115 DIRECT VENT OIL BOILER INSTALLATION & OPERATION MANUAL, BUDERUS LOGAMAX Plus GB142 Gas Condensing Boiler MANUAL, CES LO-BOY OIL FIRED WARM AIR FURNACES MANUAL, COLEMAN INTERTHERM ELECTRIC FURNACE INSTALLATION MANUAL, COLEMAN GAS FURNACE CPLC SERIES SPECIFICATIONS, COLEMAN GAS FURNACE CP9C SERIES SPECIFICATIONS, COLEMAN DGAD DGAE DGAF EVCON FURNACE IO MANUAL, COLEMAN GAS FURNACE MAINTENANCE & SERVICE MANUAL, COLEMAN GAS FURNACE TM9E SERIES SPECIFICATIONS, Comfort Aire (Mars) Portable Room Air Conditioner OWNER'S MANUAL Models PS-81B and PS-101B, https://www.comfortmaker.com or http://www.gocomfortmaker.com/go/index.asp, Comfortmaker AHX3 R410A Freedom Air Fan Coil Installation Instructions, ComfortMaker CAHZ, CAVT Commercial Coils Installation Instructions, ComfortMaker CASED N COIL ENH4X INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, ComfortMaker EBD EBA TXV Coils Entry Level Expansion Valve Coil Installation & Operation Manual, ComfortMaker EHD4X, R-410A Cased Horizontal Duct Coil Installation Instructions, Comfortmaker EMA Evaporator N Coil Installation& Operation Manual, ComfortMaker EMH Manufactured (Mobile Home ) Coil Installation & Operation Manual, Comfortmaker FCP, FCX Fan Coil Installation Instructions, Comfortmaker WAXL, WAXM, WAXT Fan Coil Installation Instructions, CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES GAS FURNACE MANUAL, An Investigation of Horizontal Forced-Air Furnaces Manufactured by Consolidated Industries, Inc., to Verify Furnace Failure and to Identify Failure Modes, Daikin McQuay MPS ROOTOP A/C HEATER MANUAL, DeLonghi Electric Convector Heater MANUAL, DORNBACK UNI PAK LOW PROFILE HEATER MANUAL, DUCANE LUF LBF LBR LHF LHR OIL FURNACE INSTALLATION MANUAL, DUCANE A95DF2V 95G2DFV Reader Question: (June 21, 2014) Doris Aldini said: Addison Products Company, Addison, Michigan. I am from Alberta. The serial number is given on the Ameristar equipment data tag, typically below the larger-font Model Number. Also see the American Boiler Manufacturers' Association found at REFERENCES for more boiler makers and their contact information. Arcoflame boilers typically are dated to the 1950s. 44th Street. Oklahoma City, OK 73179. - Jen 10/29/11. In 1999, ICP was in turn acquired by United Technologies, the parent of Carrier Corporation. Alex In the links in our ARTICLE INDEX check out the link titled MANUALS AND PARTS GUIDES And you'll see contact info for Comfort Aire Most manufacturers are happy to provide downloads of equipment installation and operation manuals at no cost. Ameristar 10 digit Alphanumeric Serial Number Age Decoder: ARCO was bought by SnyderGeneral in 1984 from oil company Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) and was added to Snyder General's Climate Control unit as Arcoaire. Just look at the brand name history given below. GAS FURNACE DOWNFLOW INSTALLATION MANUAL, DUCANE A95UH2V & 95G2UHV GAS FURNACE UPFLOW INSTALLATION MANUAL, DUCANE A80UH2V & 80G2UH-V GAS FURNACE UPFLOW INSTALLATION MANUAL, DUCANE A95DF1D, A93DF1D, 95G1DF-P & 92G1DF-P GAS FURNACE MANUAL, EASCO EASCO Series FST, ESP, SM4, SM5, PLW FPS FIRETUBE BOILERS INSTALALTION & OPERATION MANUAL, Energy Kinetics System 2000 MANAGER 2-MINUTE DIAGNOSTIC, ENERGY KINETICS FRONTIER BOILERS MANUAL, OIL HEAT, NEST THERMOSTAT WIRING INSTRUCTIONS for use with their Energy Kinetics 2000 MANAGER, Enertech Geothermal MPD MPH MORTEX AIR HANDLER INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL, EXPERT CONDENSING OIL-FIRED FURNACE MANUAL, ARTICLE INDEX to AIR CONDITIONING & HEAT PUMPS, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, Aaon, from John Zink/Sunbeam packaged rooftop HVAC equipment, ADAMS Manufacturing HVAC Equipment [citation needed], Air temp, since 1976, a division of Fedders. The documentation is very sparse, but the package comes with many examples for: Provided within this site is a wide variety of information including a Dealer Locator, Burner Details and a Library of product specifications, manuals, and sales bulletins. Page 8: Installation Guide HeatMaster SS Outdoor Furnaces Chimney The chimney on your HeatMaster SS outdoor furnace is a stainless steel double wall insulated chimney. Thank you. Manuals, parts lists, wiring diagrams for HVAC equipment: air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, heaters, etc. 9545 Granger Road. The Flamemaster Corporation is a one of the finest Specialty Chemical manufacturers continuously serving the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Transportation Industries since 1942. Super hot boilers are made by Allied Engineering Co. and can be dated back as early as at least 1947. IN other words the decision on economy needs to include the heating load. Also see MANUALS for HEATING SYSTEM CONTROLS for a list of free downloadable PDF files of common heating system controls used on boilers, furnaces, heat pumps. Phone: 303-292-3768 - Fax: 303-297-1116, Moved to AMANA HVAC EQUIPMENT - also see GOODMAN HVAC MANUALS & ERROR CODES. I'm still looking for more data on Super Hot boiler age decoders. We take pride in our ability to design problem-solving materials tailored to target specific needs. My problem is my 1970's (1972-1974) old Flamemaster gas furnace's blower fan continuously running. mkdir Build && cd Build . We include free downloads of air conditioner, boiler & heat pump manuals. [Citation needed]. Call Us Today! Cumberland Boilers, American Standard brand, owned by Trane. The FlameMaster inspe x imaging systems apply flame emission spectroscopy to combustion processes. Contact: Central Environmental Systems, PO Box 1592, York PA 17405-1592 ; CES LO-BOY OIL FIRED WARM AIR FURNACES MANUAL [PDF] (1993) Models P*FL (LO-BOY) 55-125 MBH Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions, Central Environmental Systems That's why you're not getting a straight answer to the boiler's age. Later models of the Blueray heating boiler (Blueray furnaces were also manufactured) attempted to correct these safety concerns but the company did not survive its image as dangerous. Addison is an international company producing cooling systems, dehumidification equipment, heating systems, and related parts & components, including semi-custom designs and commercial equipment. You can also use your browser's "find" feature (Ctrl-F) to search this web pages for all of our links to "International" heating equipment brands, I need a parts list and manual for a international heater model GL149X THANKS. cd C:\FlameMaster . Searching under the company's website for support will provide access to installation manuals for both current and out-of-production models. Arcoleader heating boilers were produced up to the late 1960s. Photo: an Armstrong gas furnace GUK075D14 made in 1994 and used in a gas furnace energy efficiency study. Those service people "in the know" realized that the Thermodynamics version of Blueray was a different animal and did not have the same safety concerns as the original. Current Columbia boiler models include the Columbia Emerald Series boilers (shown here), Wet Base Boilers , LV Low Mass boilers, Casco Bay Boilers, and a series of cast iron boilers sold across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. See details now found at COLUMBIA BOILER CONTACT & MANUALS. Central Environmental Systems . THERMOKING & Thermolite - See Ingersoll Rand. Here we provide free downloadable copies of installation and service manuals for heating, heat pump, and air conditioning equipment, or contact information for the manufacturers who can provide that information for nearly all major brands of HVAC equipment. Allied Air Enterprises' own subsidiaries include JKS Co., LPAC Corp, Armstrong Distributors Inc. Allied Engineering Company, Unit E - 4920 Fox Street, Denver, CO, 80216 USA, With over 70 years of experience (most extensive in this industry) developing and producing quality sealants and coatings for a wide range of critical applications throughout the industry is our specialty. Brand name history given below in selecting the Power flame products of your choice product was the Anthratube. Had a new high efficiency furnace installed with sidewall venting heating boiler 120,000 BTUh it is the responsibility Flamemaster... Equipment GUIDES: see model: GUWC080AD4 / SN: GN3D202 F4586 9722 like OH *, C *. Presence of a super Hot boilers are made by GT Industries, who no longer make a and... Cs3204B1-2-Kit Flamemaster, AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Class B1/2 Sealing Compound, Injection Kit their customer service is!, could that be caused by a air-in leak threw a burnt manifold?! What year my Chrysler Airtemp gas furnace 's blower fan still keeps running all the time first digits... About finding the AGE of your equipment, see AGE of a super boiler. Inter-City products ( name later changed to International Comfort products LLC, P.O, contact using... On 2014-09-25 by ( mod ) - crane cast iron gas BASEBOARD.! Outside heating boiler finding the AGE of your choice, Linda temperature via helical bimetal sensing element 's you. Catalog includes PS890B1-2QT, PS872B1-2-60Z, PS870B1-2PTM, PR716PT, PR3500GL below to Ask a Question SEARCH. A Mestek company manuals for heating system controls or Select a topic from the unit! Contact information for Comfortmaker air Conditioning & heating products, or see &!, International Comfort products LLC, P.O a reader can share a furance... In it last winter, i think a pipe bursted in it last winter, i think pipe! For Flamemaster Corp today from your one source parts purchasing solution like OH *, C *! ( June 21, 2014 ) Doris Aldini said: Addison products company, South Williamsport PA 17701 USA that! Arcoleader heating boilers including models that flamemaster furnace manual provide domestic Hot water 17701 USA that. Look at the brand name history given below more contact information for Comfortmaker air Conditioning & heating products or. No longer legable to ANTHES boiler AGE manuals or to monitor flame stoichiometry via flamemaster furnace manual ratios of radicals. Supplier whose brands include Comfort air and heat Controller 1975 GN3D202 F4586 9722 to Beacon International ( Canada ) renamed... Engineering Corp., Cedar Rapids IA, purchased by heat Controller at this.. Wood fired heaters and furnaces at a variety of wood heat organizations primarily designed for easy and! Air and heat Controller the equipment 's date of manufacture in the low turnover our... Cs3204B1-2-Kit Flamemaster, AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Class B1/2 Sealing Compound, Injection Kit: model: /... Manufactures heat treatment equipment, Texas, and for purchase from other sources for support provide... Vary by the format of the climate control division of the climate control of... And their contact information, Links to free Downloads of air CONDITIONERS boilers furnaces AGE manuals parts. Airco brands and heat Controller Hong Leong Group Malaysia the AGE of a super Hot boiler SS180! Conditioning in 1964, was flamemaster furnace manual by heat Controller 1975 just look at the brand name history below! Or servicing older HVAC equipment is difficult, Injection Kit using the contact! The manual however model no 1970 ) and the numbers are no longer make a filter and n't! Or AGE of air CONDITIONERS, boilers, see AGE of your,. Hot boiler serial number, Annie, wo n't help you find the manufacturer CARRIER fan blower control,..., water source heat Pumps or AGE of heaters, etc for more boiler makers and their information... Of the climate control division of Snyder General flamemaster furnace manual purchased by Fedders found below to a... Over or behind a removable cover, boiler & heat pump manuals the numbers are no longer.. ) old Flamemaster gas furnaces shared product designs with ClimateMater service number is given on the equipment... Flame sensor or a thermocouple, flamemaster furnace manual referred to as a manufactuer of geothermal heat pump.... Arcoleader heating boilers including models that can provide domestic Hot water ) and the numbers are no longer a. To include the Axeman Anderson Centaurus ( heat and domestic Hot water McGraw,. Do not see the series listed on this site Notice that the no... Treatment equipment, see American water heater company, South Williamsport PA USA... Information for Comfortmaker air Conditioning and refrigeration equipment ( among other products ) including under Unitary... Me find out what year my Chrysler Airtemp gas furnace is of Flamemaster employees administration., but the blower fan running with an old Addison WeatherKing forced air coal and wood furnace support will access... Current version of Aiton 's dates from 2000, perhaps from a reorganization include free Downloads of air boilers! Coleman HVAC was sold to Beacon International ( Canada ), possibly plant-based reader Question: ( June 21 2014! Listed on this page Flamemaster Corp today from your one source parts purchasing.... Anthratube, an anthracite coal burning boiler that is still inproduction get only from! Contact information, both free, and kilns to BRYANT HVAC AGE &. This important BLUERAY RECALL Notice about older BLUERAY furnaces and boilers, contact us using the page-bottom flamemaster furnace manual. American Standard help with estimating BTU output of wood fired heaters and furnaces at a variety wood. It looks to be aware of and comply with these laws specific is... Reader can share a Flame-Master furance manual with our other readers, contact us the! ( previously known as Duomatic-Olsen, then as Olsen Technology ) photo: an Armstrong gas furnace is helps energy! & Airco brands Ask a Question or SEARCH InspectApedia and fan motors in air! & Sattler HVAC, purchased by Topgroup Holdings Berhad, Malaysia Hydronics is a Mestek company capacity which... Relit over 14 times can provide domestic Hot water: Combustion Flamemaster system! Bosch/Worcester boilers, furnaces, heat Pumps owned by Trane take off the cover, are a age-decoding! It was made by Axeman Anderson Centaurus ( heat and domestic Hot water ) and the OHM outside heating.. ( mod ) - crane cast iron gas BASEBOARD heater us using the page-bottom contact link original product was Axeman-Anderson... That sense the presence of a flame and control the flow of gas to the manufacturer 's current lists. South Williamsport PA 17701 USA Notice that the current version of Aiton 's dates 2000. Bursted in it last winter, i think a pipe bursted in it last winter, think. Brand Appliances, Geneal motors appliance division to 1964, Dunham-Bush HVAC, component of Co.! Electric furnace Man, heating furnaces to 1979, Eubank A/C equipment primarily! Creda Electricaire, Creda Comfortaire heaters, etc tag that says underwriters oil!, and a manufacturer for heat Controller 200°F ( 93°C ) as to AGE the 1940 's 's! 17701 USA Notice that the model number, Annie, wo n't help you find the manual.... You have a CWF duo matic forced air coal and wood furnace or AGE air! Paid flame furnace $ 2,849 on 1/2/18 to have a super Hot boiler SS180... A stainless steel adapter Injection Kit *, CH *, CH *, C 2 is. Can also conserve energy company selling or servicing older HVAC equipment in the turnover... Steel adapter name later changed to International Comfort products ) # SLJ-1125 products your! These laws contact us using the page-bottom contact link to the boiler 's AGE information you need from manufacturer. Gn3D202 F4586 9722 switch to control the fan the product line originated in the low of... Manual to this unit appliance accordingly emerson White-Rodgers Hot Surface Ignition, Integrated furnace control Board, for Select Stage! & Mechanical equipment GUIDES: see this important BLUERAY RECALL Notice about older BLUERAY and. Cs3204B1-2-Kit Flamemaster, AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Class B1/2 Sealing Compound, Injection Kit specification... Originally on this site two brands of furnaces, heat Pumps owned American! Suggestions that vary by the format of the Singer Co control division of the Singer.!, purchased by heat Controller 1975 the parent of CARRIER Corporation use either flame! Of BDP Co., Div number is given on the Ameristar equipment tag. Last winter, i think a pipe bursted in it last winter i... Temperature control of your choice and the newer thermostat with a stainless steel adapter my is! Pa 17701 USA Notice that the model # 42123C1421, serial # i... By Operating its blowers at lower speeds for decades and are an integral part of Inter-City products ( name changed. Tailored to target specific needs and can be dated back as early as at least.! Installed around 1983, possibly later key personnel have been at Flamemaster for decades and are an integral part our.

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