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The trip to Lightning Lake is a difficult off-trail backpacking adventure to a high mountain lake in the Beartooth Mountains and one of the only lakes in Montana hosting beautiful golden trout. Golden trout up to 4 pounds have been caught in Montana but typical size is usually 6-12 inches. Shaun Durkee lives in Bozeman Montana with his wife and two kids. The Golden Trout Wilderness was designated by Congress in 1978. (Click on the following maps and charts to see full sized version), (Observations spanning multiple months or years are excluded from time charts), Montana Natural Heritage Program and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks,, American Society of Icthyologists and Herpetologists, FishMT - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, Natural Heritage MapViewer (Statewide Database of Animal Observations), Web Search Engines for Articles on "California Golden Trout", Additional Sources of Information Related to "Fish". Reviews (406) 586-6599. Ft. single family home built in 1995. The trick is both finding \u2014 and catching \u2014 one of these beautiful creatures in … Four buddies hiked to Cave Lake, MT in hope of catching Golden Trout. The fishing in Blacktail Lake is best 2-4 years after the cutthroat trout are stocked. Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Not true. Pull into the East Rosebud Campground on your left, just before the East Rosebud trailhead. I just went fishing in the western Sierra and caught a Golden trout even bigger than the one in the picture. Once you get to the beginning of the trail, the hike is a nice little workout until you reach the final location of Golden Trout … Make sure to bring your camera- the view is awesome! The trail is otherwise a dusty, winding trail that climbs the canyon wall rather swiftly. First stocked in 1938, the golden trout at Sylvan Lake are well known in Montana for their genetic purity. There are currently about 20 golden trout populations in the high mountain lakes of western and southcentral Montana. They provide a unique opportunity to catch a beautiful fish in a pristine environment. The area is traversed by several hundred miles of scenic trails and two wild and scenic rivers (North and South Forks of the Kern River). Now primarily found in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, the Wind River Range in Wyoming and the Golden State’s Sierra Nevada. pack, and I despised my pack size every step of the way. The road is usually in fair condition, and is mostly gravel. If you seek the purest golden trout in the Beartooths, you should look no further than Sylvan Lake. Although this trail presents a few difficulties, finding the trailhead is not one of them. The Golden Trout Wilderness, though, is … Golden Trout Lakes from Mapcarta, the free map. You can easily tell that this trail is going to be steep at this point- even the trailhead itself is on a hill! On the map above.....Thin up those areas a LOT..... Mt. They are one of the prettiest fish that swims, with orange and olive sides, small black spots, and white fin tips. Hiking up the trail, the elevation gain on this trail becomes noticeable. Golden trout are most often found in remote, alpine drainages over 9,000 feet in elevation -- so catching one is no easy task. It is 303,511 acres (1,228.3 km 2) in size and was created by the US Congress in 1978 as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. View in other NatureServe Network Field Guides. This lake is at relatively high elevation (9180 ft), so bring plenty of warm sleepwear. From here, it’s another 10 miles to the campground, where the trailhead is located. Aquatic insects are most important, but other aquatic insects and terrestrial insects are important ant times. Needs Summary Near Big Sky, Montana. The hardest part of the trail is behind you, and you’re now at the best spot to stop and take a break on the trail. Golden Trouts. Proper planning for this trail is important- keep your pack light! Golden Trout Camp from Mapcarta, the free map. The golden trout is a California species that was introduced in Montana in 1907. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Rough roads to the Golden Trout Lakes It was difficult driving up the road to get to the beginning of the trail, so I recommend a vehicle that can handle the rough road; preferably a truck or AWD. For … At about 3.5 miles the trail leads to the top of a ridge, an excellent spot for a break. Golden Trout Camp is a camp in Inyo County and has an elevation of 10,164 feet. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are incredible, if overcrowded these days. The Montana state record brown trout … During this time, the fish feed vigorously and average 9-15 inches. Golden trout are spring spawners and can usually be found in inlet or outlet streams to high mountain lakes around the Fourth of July. I hiked this trail once with a 55 lb. Looking down into the East Rosebud valley, you can easily see East Rosebud Lake 2,500 feet below you. The Golden Trout Wilderness encompasses 304,000 acres in an area known as the Kern Plateau, at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada. The hardest part of the trail is behind you, and you’re now at the best spot to stop and take a break on the trail. If you plan on camping or fishing, you should expect to share the area- Sylvan Lake is no secret in the Beartooths. If you find yourself on a marshy trail, you may be on your way to Crow Lake, instead. He aspires to catch a twenty pound pike and twenty inch golden trout on the fly. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Golden Trout Wilderness are 36.3128472, -118.3221367 and the approximate elevation is 10,174 feet (3,101 meters) above sea level. If you look to the right of East Rosebud Lake, you can see the Phantom Creek drainage, including Froze to Death Plateau. If you take the time to drive up the gravel road there a few miles, you will discover two of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Montana. Followers 12 Catches 1 Spots 0 Category: Hiking Trails in the Beartooth Mountains, Moderate Day Hikes, Montana Hiking Trails. //

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