netherite pickaxe durability with unbreaking 3

The following table shows the attack damage and durability for each pickaxe in Minecraft: In Minecraft, you can enchant a netherite pickaxe with the following enchantments: See a complete list of Minecraft Enchantments that is interactive and searchable. What's the durability of a netherite pickaxe with unbreaking 3? Report Save. Enchantment is what the enchantment is called and (Minecraft ID Name) is the string value used in the /enchant command. What's the durability of a netherite pickaxe with unbreaking 3? ; Max Level is the maximum level that you can apply for this enchantment. On average, tools last level+1 times as long. Attacking with an axe will cause it to take double durability damage. Now that it’s safe to mine, use an iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe to break the blocks. For tools, weapons and transportation, durability is the number of useful actions before the item is destroyed. Fortune is a must-have for the Pickaxe you don’t want to sacrifice it with Silk Touch, it’s not worth it (generally speaking). 2. Netherite bars or maybe you should have applied mending first, It wouldn’t let me put mending on it from the begging. It will be the most durable of all of the pickaxes which means that it will last the longest before being destroyed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Unbreaking – Max Level III; An extremely popular enchantment among Minecraft Pros, Unbreaking reduces the chance of the tool taking damage on usage. Diamond (1,562 durability points) 2. Close. 2. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a netherite pickaxe. A netherite pickaxe has attack damage of +6 when used as a weapon. Wood 2. share. Iron (251 durability points) 3. Let's explore how to make a netherite pickaxe. report. Unbreaking. Reply. If you have a great pickaxe, maybe using the enchantments above, you might also want Unbreaking. Unbreaking III is a must and definitely the perfect all-rounder enchantment. share. Report Save. In Bedrock Edition, novice-level toolsmith villagers have a 25% chance to sell stone pickaxes for one emerald, Journeyman-level toolsmith villagers have a 25% chance to sell enchanted iron pickaxes for 3 emeralds, and master-level toolsmith villagers always sell enchanted diamond pickaxes for 13 emeralds… As a result, you can significantly increase the durability of the pickaxe. The Obsidian Pickaxe was a pickaxe on Halfast during the Eighth Era. Besides, then you don't use any modifiers or embossement yet. Archived. You can find repair scrolls in secret chambers (or buy them), they have a random chance to repair x durability (150 for epic, 300 for legendary). 2. 2. But I use to get this in the old version when I put way to much enchantmeny on it I usually got this, I never understood what they meant by "too expensive", But the thing is, everyone is telling me to put mending on it, but it didn’t even let me put it on when the pickaxe was brand new and had 0 enchantments, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. 24 comments. I did every possible combination with a diamond pick, bars, and another netherite pick. The cooldown for an axe is longer than that of a sword. (petramor heals 50% so you need equivalent unbreaking to 50%, and dense maxes out at like 25% or so IIRC. What's the durability of a netherite pickaxe with unbreaking 3? 7. Diamond Unbreaking is an enchantment that gives a chance for an item's durability not to be reduced when it is used, effectively increasing the item's durability.

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