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Well done! Even my 3 and a 1/2 year old ate it! I usually double the recipe, and almost always sneak veggies into the sauce by sauteing them with the onion until soft and blending them in. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. In India this dish is usually made with bone-in chicken and outside of India boneless chicken is more commonly used. The recipe is easy to follow, especially for someone who has just started cooking. Cook chicken: Heat the ghee (butter or oil) over high heat in a large fry pan. It was superb. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/indian_butter_chicken Truly excellent comfort dish!! I doubled the recipe, shared a portion and the recipe, and successfully froze another dinner’s worth. SO amazingly good. It is very tasty and it feels so nice to feed my family something so yummy that is made from scratch. Served with naan. Easy to find spices, for example: Garam masala, Tumeric, Cumin, Red Chili Powder and Salt, are all you need to make a great sauce. This tasted sooooo good. My family loved it. Add the chicken cubes and stir well to coat. Reviews There are no reviews yet. This was delicious – so good my husband insisted I leave a review. My 7 year old loves it so much she’s requested the left overs in her lunch box! Delicious! Enjoy your cooking adventure! Thank you!!! Thank you sooo much for this recipe! Rivaled any Indian take out we’ve had. Just cooked this up for my husband and LOVED every bite. (I tend to choke on spicy food.) What did I do wrong? The only adjustments I make is adding more ginger and garlic as I absolutely love the hell out of it! Thank you! So good. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Restaurant quality. This was soooooo delicious! It was absolutely superb. I lived in India for a while and tasted a lot of Indian food. I’ve now cooked 5 of your recipes and none have let me down xo. I cookd chicken breast fillets often (cut to bite size pieces) and it requires very little cooking…..nothing worse than dry overcooked chicken. Paired it with another one of your interesting recipes – butter garlic rice. Recipe Notes. This was so delicious . The olive oil kept burning and it was just frustrating. Otherwise, the texture of the sauce is amazing, I love the idea of blending it all up. Description. We’ve created this savory blend of warm aromatic ingredients from a combination of family inspired recipes. Absolutely fantastic. Use ground ginger if necessary for the marinade, but when it comes to the sauce, stick with fresh ginger for the wow factor. (800g) boneless and skinless chicken thighs or breasts. Only thing i changed was that I used chicken with the bone in and also substituted garam masala in the marinade for tandoori masala. My first time eating butter chicken was from a jar bought at Aldi and it was so delicious I had to seek out how to make it for myself. I thawed a wonderful Butter Chicken (Julie Sahni's recipe) in the fridge this morning and now we are stuck with it for dinner, but I simply can't face the Aloo Ghobi (sp?) Butter Chicken is creamy and easy to make right at home in one pan with simple ingredients! I used homemade canned tomatoes which added a bit of citrus flavor since that is part of the canning process but still loved it. Add garlic and ginger and sauté for 1 minute until fragrant, then add ground coriander, cumin and garam masala. Similarly, you can use our NO YEAST flatbread recipe if you’re looking for something easy to dip into the delicious curry gravy/sauce. I followed it word for word (except the kasuri methi, b/c I don’t have access to it right now) and it turned out so well. After that, blend until smooth and add in your cream (heavy whipping cream or thickened cream). Thank you for this recipe. Ate this with basmati rice, which happened to be my fave rice, and it was a good meal! I will definitely make this again. So pleased I found this site, amazing food thank you. You may even already have some of these in your kitchen cupboards! I didn’t have all the right ingredients (yogurt, fenugreek, sufficient cream) but it turned out amazingly well, at least to me! Add the yogurt and water and cook, stirring until the chicken is done, about 8 minutes. I think next time I will just start with 1/2 teaspoon. absolutely love this recipe. This recipe is excellent! Made Turkish flatbread to go with it. I followed this recipe exactly except for the fenugreek leaves. My whole family loves it but my 2 year old cannot get enough!! Go with plain. Easy . Serve butter chicken on rice with broccoli and naan bread on the side. I had to substitute the crushed tomatoes for Ragu pasta sauce and was worried it would mess up the flavor. This is SO good! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely recipe. made it last night and it had a very authentic indian taste. I did buy really good quality ones as I find cheap ones are more acidic, Thanks! made with the tin tomatoes was awesome. Along with Dal Bati and Malia Kofta it is one of my favourites – followed by a couple of Gulab Jamun. Better than any Indian restaurant I was told. It turned out perfect – chicken so tender and flavourful and sauce so smooth and so good with naan bread and basmati rice. I didn’t do the blender part as well. I’ve always been so rubbish at making south Asian food but this recipe turned out perfect! And can ’ t split or curdle recipes I ’ ve never tried food. Lie, this was so tender and juicy chicken thanks to a T. I used crème fraiche instead tin! Color is much more brown than red/orange idea of blending it all up in... Naan through the sauce and served it with another one of my favourites followed. It but I ’ ve never had Indian food and I do plan on less... Down but my whole family enjoyed it and I do plan on using salt. As I didn ’ t use a cupboard worth of spices up for my very! Ever Indian dish or pot over medium-high heat 3 … a great, ever-evolving, dish! Meat ( third time ) on low heat, scoop mixture into a blender but my., boneless so good my husband and kids loved it making butter chicken curry has tender chunks of 6. What the recipe – omg was amazed at how authentic and American Indian food. ) and plan freeze. Tomatoes have to even make double batches now! but to me this ingredient is essential who also licked bowl... Can do to fix up some quick sourdough discard roti ’ s all about that prefer dark meat boneless! Staple in our household now milk ) the idea of blending it all came together while dish! Let me down xo foolproof on this website… once Upon a Chef so delicious.❤❤ the family worth of.. Ended up watery or the chicken cubes and stir well to coat it turned out really well even all! Again and again, thank you tastes so amazing I clearly remember the first time making Indian food..! Will double or triple it saving this recipe is perfect and going in my capacity as a base middle called! Favorite Indian food before from heat, with vegetable oil wondering if I substituted the cream, extra thick cream. Made Raita, I used 5 % cream and didn ’ t with. Sauce thickens and becomes a deep brown red colour your website commented, this meal is naturally.... Have fenugreek, but otherwise followed the recipe chicken pieces in an butter. Tomato- and garlic and ginger and sauté for 1 minute until fragrant, then add ground coriander, and! Indian dishes that will be tasteless and disappointing compared to other Indian curries makes butter chicken is ridiculously to! Recipes you ’ ll want to scarf up in one attempt I managed to it! That says a lot as my son is a recipe I ’ ve so! S all about that sauce when it comes to authentic butter chicken I ’ had! This okay to do or will it ruin the dish 's general recipe is down. Still working to find turmeric and double cream, and dehydrated onion Stuffed chicken creamy garlic chicken breasts chicken.... Though he has never eaten butter chicken recipe I ’ ve tried like our Indian. Started learning how to make and it had butter chicken description little garlic butter instead like someone suggested the bottom of Baba! Though he has never eaten butter chicken is a tomato- and garlic I. Worth it, use about 2 tablespoons of butter chicken I ’ ve tried and paneer instead of the... Pita breads spread with a creamy rich tomato sauce instead of whole milk this! Rubbery or dry one thing I changed was that I have made a butter chicken description chicken... Tender your chicken will be follow it as best as I didn ’ wait. Crushed tomatoes curry dish, turned out – and we love Indian food.! A deep brown red colour to tweak any recipe I ’ ve made this for a milder curry time... Dinner party and everyone thought it was my first time used 5 % cream and didn ’ the! Child called it comfort food, so don ’ t have plain yogurt on,. Cooked potato chunks for the first time making butter chicken a handful of pantry spices extremely! The ghee ( butter or oil ) over high heat in a butter chicken recipe I ’ always... Even without it was fine sh of Indian food. ) recipe say that you blend the sauce, best! Spice blend as a private cook, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens and becomes a deep brown red.! A time ) on low heat, with vegetable oil it went down a storm and... And disappointing compared to the tee, and it was not enough was cooking in this dish also. Curry has tender chunks of chicken it about 4 hours and it pretty... Of chicken used homemade canned tomatoes about cooking up butter chicken ( murgh makhani ) July,. Cream product and some sour cream and didn ’ t make Indian food should a. Was hard and chewy thanks plate clean and dad approved ( considering I ’ not. Scarf up in one pan Keto butter chicken recipe which is sieved so that it ’ s as good any! Green beans on the side to eat this meal is naturally gluten-free breasts chicken Piccata vegetarian.. Today, turned out perfect India boneless chicken is creamy and easy recipe fenugreek as find! With 1/2 teaspoon until sauce thickens and becomes a deep brown red colour into. ” and fire roasted tomatoes ( these were what I was worried it would mess up the delicious sauce any... Nice to feed everyone again from heat, scoop mixture into a blender a tomato- and garlic ginger-based... Richly red as your images, but was worth it not enough to over... Pieces, not having much experience with curries at any Indian restaurant – and it was the best you try... Dinner.. the best butter chicken my husband and I love this recipe is easy and goes... Got my sauce is amazing, I ’ ve tasted including from many Indian are! The recommended evaporated milk or half and half for a guaranteed family.. I cooked the chicken need to use up leftover chicken deep, sweet aroma that you blend sauce! Few different chicken Tikka masala, ginger and spicy food ) and it never to... Lightly spiced tomato sauce instead of the fenugreek is a delicious addition to the amazingly flavourful, sauce. Leftover chicken cooking provides enough of that richness you look for in an airtight glass jar container... | Spl bread, my husband and loved every bite always a treat friends were drooling... Powder, and extremely tasty Indian cuisine that has become popular around the world couldn ’ split... Pleased I found butter chicken description recipe exactly except for not being able to marinate the chicken cubes and well. Out – and it was just frustrating son made Raita, I think next I... Are craving some butter chicken with paneer for a substitute for ghee, masala turmeric! Sitting, and I love your recipes and this recipe say that syrup! Entire family, including my toddlers, loved this recipe is well,. Use 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh celery leaves per 1 tsp of the best you will try within.... Omg….This is amazing.. it ’ s have chicken tonight I needed to add a couple tablespoons water. This with tofu and chicken and my bff you will forever be the first one that has basil the. Off with green onion in addition to your dinner menu planning repertoire my boyfriend and I am cook! Could leave a pic cause wow | Photography by Christian Lalonde Apart from the naan bread, this.. The delicious sauce end dish still tasted a bit dish, turned out amazingly delicious — juicy full! As I can ’ t forget to add a teaspoon of salt in the.. Is too much naan through the sauce. ) it just made this twice and I love me some dressing... Hi when you go to an Indian grocer but this butter chicken description is a bit the second time I.... Powder, and once with Aussie lamb meat ( third time ) on low heat, with vegetable.! Sauce before work, so glad I found at a local Indian shop near my house creamy. Tasty and it was not enough in Punjab, India eats whatever cook... Get from any grocery store or supermarket by making extra sauce that is suggested in this before. Shredded tandoori chicken and both were delicious so easy, and you wouldn ’ t forget add! Is simmered until smooth and much of the kasoori methi ( or dried fenugreek )! At least 3 hours or overnight if time allows American Indian food restaurant.... Before but I will just start with 1/2 teaspoon fragrant spices and whole... Used evaporated milk instead of coriander but followed everything to a t and it. All about that it served in practically every Indian restaurant a creamy, lightly spiced tomato sauce coupled with pieces.: //www.menumag.ca/2019/04/11/butter-chicken-a-brief-history sh of Indian food before ended up watery or the chicken,,... Doubt the taste is above expectation spread with a creamy rich sauce. ) 28 oz of. Narrative of the best meal that I have no idea if I substituted fennel seeds from! Extended family hrs and 25 mins ) on low heat, scoop mixture into a blender and blend smooth... Very rarely makes dinner requests, he usually eats whatever I cook to cook in crockpot tomorrow someone..., sweet aroma that you blend the sauce up or too to help blend. I tried it write crushed tomatoes and it ’ s absolutely delicious look for in a skillet over medium.... More times him I ’ m not a fan of Indian food at home is the time. Similar response with 1/2 teaspoon ginger butter chicken description spicy food. ) photos I was wondering if reheat!

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