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Red gram supplies a major share of protein requirement of vegetarian population of the country. -  Bird perches 50/ha For 16 weeks, Group I was fed with the control diet; Group II … 4. This is one of the berry fruit... Introduction: 3. If necessary, one pre-sowing irrigation should be given. Leaves are trifoliately compound; central leaflet longer than lateral ones. What is a Plant Nursery -  Dimethoate 30% EC 1237 ml/ha The following is all about starting a vermicompost business. b. Leaves are small, show a light and dark green mosaic pattern. The seed sowing should be planned in such a way that flowering and pod formation should not coincide with peak rainy period. The cloudy weather and excessive rainfall during flowering damage the crop to a great extent. The following is all about Coconut Oil production. Spraying dimethoate 2 ml/l, methyl patrathion 2 ml/l or phosphamidon 2 ml/l is effective. Of all the... Guide for Pearl Oyster Farming; Cost and Profits. The following article is all about Growing Organic Pomegranate. Research station, universities, KVK’s and registered seed companies /Agri. Good land preparations are necessary for better yield of red gram. 1. Introduction to Dairy Management Practices Introduction to Growing Turmeric: One of the most important spices used in Asian countries. 4. The pods vary in color from green to dark brown. well, sheep farming is a process of raising and breeding of domestic sheep. The following is all about Profitable Quail Farming Business. Growing Moringa In Pots: The following is all about Agriculture Schemes or Kisan Welfare Schemes. - Spray methyl demeton 25 EC 500ml or dimethoate 30 EC 500 ml or phosphomidon 85 WSC 250 ml/ha, P. fluorescens (or) T. viride – 2.5 kg / ha + 50 kg of well decomposed FYM or sand at 30 days after sowing, 2. 9. The common names of red gram are Arhar, tur, redgram, congo pea, Gungopea, no eye pea. Grass blue butterfly: Euchrysops cnejus Nitrogen should be applied @ 20kg/ha in long & medium duration varieties. -  Dimethoate 30% EC 1237 ml/ha 3. Red gram can be grown on a wide range from Sandy loam to clay loam. It is mostly used as pulse around the world. It is primarily used as dal, while the tender green seeds are consumed as vegetable, crushed dried seeds as animal feed and green leaves as fodder. The following is all about Tomato Sauce Making Business. Host range – Red gram. 2. 4. In rainfed condition dig the pits at a spacing of 5’x3’. 4. It depends up on the way sowing if it is broadcasting seed rate will increases and it is seed dill seed requires less. Pigeon pea is the second most important pulse crop of India after chickpea. Drooping of the first two leaves and wilting of the plants are observed due to the damage. 1. 6. The amount of daily global solar radiation varies from 400 to 430 cal cm day in the rainy season and 380-430 cal cm-2 day-1 in the postrainy season. The scientific name of red gram is Cajanus Cajan. Growing Asparagus: Introduction To Irrigation 1.0-1.5 kg ha- 1) or meta chlore (Dual® a.i. 3. Asparagus is a perennial crop that will take around two to three years to produce. • Selfing, Mature flower buds are to be covered with paper bags for one or two days. Pigeon pea is the second most important pulse crop of India after chickpea. Let us discuss about "Growing Marigold From Dried Flowers, and Seeds". 1. Introduction to British Alpine Goat Breed: Leaves 6. The sowing time depends upon the duration of variety and rainfall pattern of the region, early sowing are always better. 5. A seed rate of 12-15 kg per hectare is sufficient. 3. 1.25 kg ha- 1) effectively controlled the initial weeds. Alternaria Leaf Spot: Alternaria  alternate Make a fine paste of all the ingredients. One of... Coconut Oil Production Guide: The Civil Supplies Department is gearing up to begin distribution of 12 kg rice each to members of the 87.5 lakh families of white ration cardholders across the State free of … • Plough the field deeply to get fine tilth followed by 2-3 harrowings at 3 weeks prior to transplanting Chromosome Number of Different Medicinal Plants. Damage symptoms Sub.- Scientific Name of Different Medicinal Plants. It is mostly used as pulse around the world. - Larval parasitoids, Hyperencyrtus lucoenephila and Litrodromus crassipes CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): ABSTRACT India is a largest producer and consumer of the pulses in the world and accounts for 33 percent of the global area. The following content is about Commercial Mango Cultivation. -  Deep summer ploughing in 2-3 years to eliminate quiescent pupa. Sacks … Preparation of beneficial soil used for agri-business is a managed process by... 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report: Sow the seeds @2/poly bag at 1 cm depth Usually flowers open at a time on the same inflorescence, but the process of flowering continuous in each plant almost up to the time of harvest. Stipules are small; lamina hairy with the under surface grayish due to dense hairs. It should be purchased from Agril. How to Start a Tomato Sauce Making Business 4. Gram pod borer: Helicoverpa armigera Introduction to Vermicompost Business Pigeonpea is very sensitive to low radiation at pod development, therefore flowering during the monsoon and cloudy weather, leads to poor pod formation. Sheep... Introduction: Hello livestock farmers, let us discuss  now about Pig farming Basics, Housing, Feeding, Breeding. Pigeonpea is predominantly a crop of tropical areas mainly cultivated in semi-arid regions of India. The first question that comes to mind for... NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy: The Cucurbitaceae family consists many other... Introduction to Radish Cultivation: It is the second most important pulse crop, next to gram. Introduction to Rabbit... Guide for Pearl Oyster Farming; Cost and Profits. 7. Medium tall, semi-spreading, 3-4/pod, 7.5 g test weight, brown seeded. -  NSKE 5% twice followed by triazophos 0.05%, 8. 1.0 kg ha- 1) at 2-4 leaf stage. 2. Spray Mancozeb 1kg/ha. - Pheromone traps for Helicoverpa armigera 12/ha Pigeon pea + green gram (intercropping) then followed by wheat or mustard crops. Select from premium Red Gram of the highest quality. 4. The length of pod varies from 5 to 10 centimeter, width from 0.6 to 0.9 centimeter. Fish meat is an important diet that is... Plant Nursery Business: Leaves can be used to feed silkworm and plants are used to culture lac insect. Saline, Alkaline and waterlogged are not suitable. The following details are about Growing Tamarind Fruit. Introduction to Sheep Farming Business The size of inflorescence varies in different types. The centre of origin is probably peninsular India, where the closest wild relatives (Cajanus cajanifolia) occur in tropical deciduous woodlands. In India, Corteva Agriscience™ offers products for Corn that range from seed to crop protection. The inflorescence is an axillary raceme often forming a terminal panicle. The following details are about 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report. The following content is all about Growing Saffron Plants. Growing Curry Leaf Plants: Introduction - How To Grow Cinnamon 6. Spray Carbendazim 1g/lit or Wettable sulphur 2.5g/lit. Sowing should be done in line sowing\drilling method with tractor drawn ferti-cum-seed drill or by bullock drawn ferti-cum-seed drill/tifan. 18-20 g yield 3.0-4.0 t ha. Climate You should use foliar sprays at the time of 50% flowering with endosulfan 2 ml/liter water or quinalphos 2 ml/liter water or carbaryl 3 grams/liter water. 2. b. Soils 2. 3. It contains about 22 percent protein, which is almost three times that of cereals. • In medium to deep soils for raising long duration varieties, dig 15 sqcm pits at 5’ X 3’ for pure crops and 6’ x 3’ for intercropping under irrigated condition. Flower Feeder Collect the caterpillars by shaking shoots of the plant and destroy them in initial stages. Pod shattering is common problem in pulse. Find the perfect Red Gram stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Strawberry Production: 2. 2. It is consumed on a large scale mainly in south Asia and is a major source of protein for the population of that subcontinent. In most of the types branching begins from the sixth to the tenth node, i.e. ICRISAT recommend seed treatment with 3 g thiram/kg + 3 g carbendazim/kg seed. Growing Jasmine Flowers Indoors: It irrigated at directly on root zoon area by this it save water and electricity. Dry red gram seeds should be dehulled and the split cotyledons (dal). The following information about Growing Moringa in Pots / Containers. 2. -  Apply any one of the following insectcides: Growing Bitter Gourd For Beginners: a. Saffron (Crocus Sativus), an autumn flowering perennial plant... Aquaponics Information for Beginners: The following content is all about Growing Guava Fruits on a commercial scale. The post rainy season sowing in India should be done in September. The larva feeds on young seed of basal locules of pods causing complete abortion of the seed. Some of the important varieties of pigeon pea released in India for the different maturity groups are given below: Extra-short-duration varieties of pigeonpea released in India: Short-duration varieties of pigeonpea ralaasad in India: Medium-duration varieties of pigeonpea developed in India: Late-duration varieties of pigaonpaa ralaaaad in India: Apply fertilizers basally before sowing as per following dose: The following farming content is about Types of Irrigation in Agriculture. Cinnamon trees are native to... Hydroponic Tomato Cultivation: 7. 8. The radish is a vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family. Turmeric botanically called Curcuma longa belongs to the same... Paddy Cultivation: 2. The following is all about Aquaponics System. Introduction Cultivation practice of the different Medicinal Plants is studied under horticulture. These are very economical plant-crops. Potassium is applied at the rate of 20kg k2O/ha for potassium deficient soils by placement at sowing. The pods or whole crop after complete drying should be threshed manually or by machine. It should be treated with rhizobium culture for atmospheric N fixation. The leaves are trifoliately compound. 5. If you are planning to grow Loquat fruits, you can read the following Loquat Cultivation practices. 4. 5. The Vertisols are characterized by 40-60% clay in the surface soil horizons, pH around 8.0 with a water holding capacity between 150-300 mm, and the available water in the top 1.5-2.0 m of soil. • Raising one row of short and medium duration redgram as inter crop for every four rows of groundnut (4:1) is recommended for rainfed as well as for irrigated crops. This can attract ants like Camponotus compressus. Pig Farming for Beginners: Drip irrigation in red gram crop most favourable type of irrigation. 6.Pod bugs: Riptortus pedestris & JASMINE FLOWERS GROWING INDOORS The other pre emergence herbicides effective for pigeonpe a are pendimethalin (Stomp® a.i. The family had harvested the food crops before the lockdown. 1. 2. Then the plants are bundled and staked for one week for the purpose of post harvest ripening of unripe pods after that the dried pods are beaten with sticks and then the seed is separated. • Apply ZnSO4 @ 25 kg/ ha as basal along with FYM or sand Introduction of Egg Poultry Farming:- One of the oldest animal... Sheep Farming Business: The sowing of medium and late-maturing varieties , under rainfed conditions , should be done during June or July at the onset of the monsoon. The following discussion is all about Strawberry Production. 3. -  Mechanical collection of grown up larva and blister beetle Spreading, purple stem, white seed, yield1.9-2 t ha average 1.2-1.5 t ha. INTRODUCTION TO GROWING SAFFRON PLANTS: The following information is about "Growing Areca nut". The following information is all about Aniseed Cultivation and Farming Methods. The plant show considerable variations in height, ranging from 1-4 meters. Collect the weeds, previous crops stubbles, stones and clean the field for sowing. Pre-pupal stage is infested by Euderus agromyzae and pupa is infested by Euderus lividus. Egg Poultry Farming: Jasmines are one of the most popular... How To Grow Kiwi Fruits: One of America’s favorite... Commercial Mango Cultivation: -  Azadirachtin 0.03 % WSP 2500-5000 g/ha Red Lentils, Aloe Vera Gel, Tomato, and Ginger 2. The husk of pods after threshing is also used as cattle feed. Cinnamon is oldest sweet spices grown for its dried inner bark.... Introduction to Rose Apple Farming: 7. Seed should be treated with thiram @ 1.5 to 2 g / kg seed 1. 1. • Select poly bag with a size of 6x4 inches and 200 micron thickness Since its domestication in India at least 3,500 years ago, its seeds have become a common food grain in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 6. -  Install pheromone traps at a distance of 50 m @ 5 traps/ha for each insect pest. -  Indoxacarb 15.8% SC 333 ml/ha 5. e. Seed rate and spacing - Dimethoate 30 EC 500 ml/ha The de hulled operation should be performed in two steps: The first step generally involves loosening the husk from Cotyledons of red gram. Medium tall, profuse branching, spreading, brown seed, Compact, semi-erect plant,brown round, 4-5 seeds/pod- yield 3 t ha, Perennial, semi-spreading,field tolerant to wilt,potential yield 2 t ha, Tall 250-300 cm, spreading, light brown seed, 7-8 g (100 seed). - Regular soil digging cause death of larvae and pupae IV. 4. Scientific Name : Cajanus cajan. It is the second important pulse in the country after gram (chana). Strawberry fruit is a widely grown fruit in the world. Introduction - How To Grow Cinnamon c. Time of sowing: -  Collect and destroy larvae and adults to the extent possible Irrigation is an artificial application of water for... Organic Farming Guide: Date palm is scientifically... Introduction to Agriculture Business Ideas: Well, there are many profitable small-scale agriculture businesses or farm business which can provide you the better source of... Tomato Sauce Making Business for Beginners: There is a big misconception or reputation that pigs are... Aquarium Fish Food Details: Terms of Use Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved. In red gram the manures is given @ of 5 tons/ha of well-decomposed farm yard manure (FYM). Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business -  Aloe Vera Cultivation 5. The flowers are self pollinated, pollination takes place before the flowers open. 3. 1. There, it was first encountered by Europeans, so it obtained the name Congo Pea. Growing Organic Pomegranate: In the late maturing varieties, the flowers are usually grouped together at the ends of the branches, but in early maturing varieties, the flowers are produced at several points along the branches. Therefore , sowing should not be delayed beyond June. Growing Turmeric Techniques: • Multistoreyed cropping: For rainfed Vertisols of Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi districts recording more than 300 mm of rainfall during the crop growth period, multistoreyed cropping system Agathi + Redgram (CO 5) + Cotton (MCU 10) + Blackgram (CO 5) is highly profitable. Rained : 12.5 kg N + 25 kg P2O5 + 12.5 kg K2O +10 kg S/ha 2. -  Grow tall sorghum as comparison crop to serve as biological bird perches The cultivation of the pigeon pea goes back at least 3,500 years. Red gram is a protein rich staple food. INTRODUCTION TO RED GRAM (Pigeon pea) Red gram (Cajanuscajan) is also called as Arhar and pigeon pea belongs to the family lenguminaseae. 6. -  Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki (3a,3b,3c) 5%WP1000-1250 g/ha 4. e. Seeds The length of the lateral roots differs with the variety; usually tall, upright varieties produce longer and more deeply penetrating roots, whereas spreading types produce shallower, more spreading and deeper roots. • Select only long duration redgram varieties EMASCULATION AND POLLINATION TECHNIQUES IN PULSES RED GRAM (Cajanus cajan) (2n = 22) Family – Fabaceae Self pollination is the rule in Red gram and natural crossing extents up to 65 per cent. The critical periods for Irrigation are flower-initiation and pod-filling stages. Bean Aphids: Aphis craccivora Spray Fenazaquin @ 1 ml/lit on 45 and 60 DAS as prophylactic spray, 3. In the intercropping seed rate remains same as for pure crops. 12.Flower webber. 6. Sap feeders. The Marigold is one of the... Introduction to Carambola Cultivation It is also known as Pigeonpea or Arhar or Tur. India is the major producer of green gram in the world and grown in almost all the States. The following information is about Radish Cultivation and Planting Methids. Compared to the other pulses in the legume family, pigeon peas are a better source of protein [10]. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. This Red gram crop is widely grown in India. The Tamarind is scientifically named as Tamarindus indica. • Transplant within the month of August either under rainfed condition or under irrigated condition Today’s dairy... Raising Rabbits Guide For Beginners: 7. Growing varieties like LBG-611, LBG-402 are promising against stem fly, high seed rate, seed treatment with carbosulfan @ 40 grams/kg seed or thiamethoxam @ 4 grams /kg and foliar application of monocrotophos 1.6 ml/liter of water or acephate 1.5 grams/liter of water are effective measures. • Raising one row of long duration redgram varieties as inter crop for every six rows of groundnut (6:1) is recommended for rainfed crops. Method of sowing: For short duration varieties dig 15 sq cm pits at 3’ x 2’ spacing. Seeds should not be sown more than 5 to 6 cm in depth. The following is all about growing Red Gram. These were... ORGANIC COCOA FARMING GUIDE Foliar spray with dicofol 3 ml/l or wettable sulphur 3g/l in early stages of plant growth will control mite vector. It is an erect shrub. The following is all about Kisan Farming Systems and Agriculture Information. 8. Red Gram requires 35-40 cm water, during its entire growth period. Phosphorous is applied at the rate of 50 kg p2O5/ha for phosphorous deficient soils at sowing. In sowings later than 15 October, yields drastically decline. Since seeds are consumed in the form of split cotyledons and Dal it is better to go for processing before storing. The following content is all about How To Grow Kiwi Fruits. NABARD dairy farming subsidy Selection of seed: 3. Seeds should be viable and genetically pure. COMMERCIAL MANGO CULTIVATION 7. 1. dust particles, weed seeds etc. Contact Us - E-mail : editor [at] The following is all about Profitable Quail Farming Business. - Shaking the infested plants over the vessels of oil and water or oily cloth gives most effective -  Emamectin benzoate 5% SG 220 g/ha They are often sandy loam and can retain about 100 mm available water in the root profile. Archaeological finds of pigeon pea dating to about 3400 years ago (14th century BC) have been found at Neolithic sites in south India (Sanganakallu) and its border areas (Tuljapur Garhi in Maharashtra and Gopalpur in Orissa). Pods and plant dried, Grains become hard, and moisture percent in grain at harvesting should be 20-22 %. Venezuela local soft drink known as ‘Chicha’ is made and canned for export by freezing. Seed should be own behind the plough or with the help of seed drill at a row spacing of 60-75 cm keeping 15-20 cm distance from plant to plant. The following is all about growing Red Gram. The Entisols found in the alluvial- soil belt of the Indo-Gangetic region are deep loams, slightly alkaline (pH 7.5-8.5), with about 150-200 mm available water storage capacity in 2 m of soil. Larva also feeds on the pod wall after consuming the seed. Responses to lime indicated by increase in shoot growth and nodulation, have been reported in soils with pH below 5.0. PlantCharacteristics Red Gram belongs to the family Leguminoseae. It accounts for 12% pulse area, 17% pulse production and 90% world production. Very early and early varieties yield 20-30 % less. -  Dimethoate 30% EC 1237 ml/ha INTRODUCTION TO GROWING DATES: Close up green pigeon pea also called Gude, kacang gude, kacang kayo,, kacang bali, Cajanus cajan, red gram, tur, pwa kongo, gung. 4. The following content details about starting a Pig Farming. India is agriculture-based country, India... Backyard Poultry Farming Information for Beginners The scientific name of red gram is... How to start an organic farming business in India? Introduction to Pig Farming 3. Dairy Management Practices: Know more about the amazing health benefits of Bengal gram. II. -  Setting of light traps (1 light trap/5 acre) to kill moth population. 7. In India, pigeonpea is cultivated on Entisols, Alfisols, Enceptisols, and Vertisols. The following article is all about egg poultry farming or layer poultry farming. It does not grow well in saline soil, but can withstand drought reasonably well. The following is all about Organic Cocoa Farming. The following write up is all about Fish Farming Business. 4. Introduction of Ash Gourd growing Herbicides effective for pigeonpe a are pendimethalin ( Stomp® a.i dry areas pea! Great issue to our farmers the duration of variety and rainfall pattern of the world crop of India for... Pure crops the pigeon pea plant is given below: a. root of... About starting a Pig Farming in assured rainfall areas, usually it does not grow well saline. Gram crop most favourable type of irrigation in Agriculture: the following content is all about growing Saffron plants,... On young seed of basal locules of pods causing complete abortion of the are... Operation should be preferably before the 2nd week of July about Strawberry production: the following content is all Profitable! The Origin place of these plants are used to feed silkworm and plants observed! Oyster Farming Business combination of dal-chawal ( pulse-rice ) or dal-roti ( pulse-wheat bread ) is artificial... Others they are quiet erect quiescent pupa crop most favourable type of irrigation to. Two crops a and b grow along with each other in same piece of land same. It obtained the name congo pea, Gungopea, no eye pea % to 30.... Registered seed companies /Agri atomosa ; Spenarches caffer pollination takes place before the flowers open was studied in Wistar Institute. Being sensitive to water logging, requires a well-drained soil the herbicides were more economical, hence preferred height! And consumer of red gram trifoliately compound ; central leaflet longer than lateral ones light (... As ‘ Chicha ’ is made and canned for export by freezing the rainy. It becomes dry and is a rainfed crop grown in over 50 tropical countries of the world,... About Radish Cultivation and Planting Methids ( Fusilate® a.i came to the family lenguminaseae measurements spraying. The flowering plants an important ingredient in the world between 30° N & 35 latitude. Of cereal based diet ) budding ( b ) flowering and pod formation.... Are trifoliately compound ; central leaflet longer than lateral ones and consumed the! Tablespoon of Cucumber Juice to it the varieties water logging, requires a soil... Studied in Wistar National Institute of Nutrition male rat strain for Corn that range from sandy loam can... Supplement of cereal based diet wonderful Fruits... introduction: the following content is about. Which is almost three times that of cereals discuss now about Pig Basics! Orange peels and a tablespoon of each most of the world common of! Water stress, protective irrigation may be given sowing if it is particularly in... The highest quality Fusilate® a.i as for pure crops to produce economic yields under soil deficit... Backyard poultry Farming or layer poultry Farming by releasing of Trichogramma chlionis at weekly intervals @ 1.5 week. Yield of red gram Cultivation, red gram family Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat Karnataka! Be ploughed in summer followed by two to three harrowing at pre-monsoon kharif! Rate requires in red gram is Cajanus cajan well-drained soil early stages of red gram requires 35-40 cm water during. 7.5 g test weight, average yield 1.5 t ha-1 Saffron plants Techniques, Methods: the belongs. And Karnataka are the major pigeonpea producing countries of the wonderful Fruits... introduction: Quails small! World especially in more arid regions of India, Housing, Feeding, breeding the pre! And Planting Methids weedings were always found superior to herbicides, but the herbicides were more economical, hence.. To be grown on a wide range from seed to crop protection red! ( red gram is mainly consumed in the country the distinct tunnel can be sown more than 5 to centimeter... Percent in grain at harvesting should be dehulled and the split cotyledons ( dal ) warm climate during vegetative and! Weed operation can be used to feed silkworm and plants are used to feed and. The internal contents for over ¾ of acreage and production of the berry fruit... to!

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