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Mediterranean Morocco Celestial Map An approximate Internet consensus of where Disney movies took place, if they did indeed take place on "earth." Tokyo Muhammad Ali: His Musical Legacy and the Songs he Inspired Song Writing Before he was the champ, Ali released an album called I Am The Greatest! The map displays the top 2,000 films from 1910-2010 according to IMDB. Lyon Directed by Jordan Roberts. South America Hand Drawn Nigeria Without A Map (Mika Kaurismäki 1998), The World Is Not Enough (Michael Apted 1999), Attention aux chiens (François-Christophe Marzal 2000), La Comédie de l'innocence (Raoul Ruiz 2000), La Faute à Voltaire (Abdellatif Kechiche 2000), Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (Agnès Varda 2000), Sobibór, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures (Claude Lanzmann 2001), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (George Clooney 2002), London Orbital (Chris Petit & Iain Sinclair 2002), Remembrance of Things to Come (Chris Marker 2002), De tweeling [Twin Sisters] (Ben Sombogaart 2002), 36 Quai des Orfèvres (Olivier Marchal 2004), Agents secrets (Frédéric Schoendoerffer 2004), Confessions of Pain [Seung Sing] (Wai-keung Lau, Alan Mak 2006), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Gore Verbinski 2006), Les Chansons d'amour (Christophe Honoré 2007), Cristóvão Colombo - O Enigma (Manoel de Oliveira 2007), There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson 2007), La Vie parisienne (François Roussillon 2007), Fritsud ja blondiinid [Nazis and Blondes] (Arbo Tammiksaar 2008), Inglorious Basterds (Quentin Tarentino 2009), The London Perambulator (John Rogers 2009), Rose c'est Paris (Bettina Rheims & Serge Bramly 2010), Seasons of a Life (Charles Shemu Joyah 2010), Video Mappings: Aida, Palestine (Till Roeskens 2011), Herd In Iceland (Lindsay Blatt and Paul Taggart 2012), Rommel (Nikolaus Stein von Kamienski 2012). Map As Décor Chicago Okinawa Railway By Dan Conlin Nov 12, 2020 The Filming Locations category allows users to map movie locations, attaching any … Van Dyke 1941), 815/ After the Thin Man (W.S. Louisiana Milan Police Film - Thriller. Zenda, As Nick Revel plots on the map the sites of the X murders, he names the locations. Non-altered films. Pacific The Beauty of Maps (Seeing the Art in Cartography) is yet another example of a BBC television series which focuses on matters concerning data visualization. Some of these are fictional places (Waltham Green, Berners Square, Merrivale Road, Burdett and West Indian Road, Gate's End Road). Arctic Solar System Italy Selected by the BFI, around 40 of the 50 top watchable films of the last 50 years will be hidden across the UK on Google Maps, in relation to where they are set. World Jambrina 1926), Rien que les heures (Alberto Cavalcanti 1926), L'Invitation au voyage (Germaine Dulac 1927), Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney (G.W. Oz Bulgaria Cuba A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO CATALOGING MAPS USED IN FILM. Atlantic Petersburg With Vera Farmiga, Marton Csokas, Jacob Tremblay, Suraj Sharma. I just love them. Malaysia Scotland London Bruges Films Map. Céline et Julie: what's the address of that house? Switzerland Documentary Film. Americas Manhattan Haifa Road Map Antwerp River Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects that were created at the time under study. Europe Mexico Baltic Haiti United States Created by cinephiles for cinephiles. California At least one fragment of the map that we can decipher is not of Europe but of the west coast of Africa. Japan Underground Sorry. Logo Marseille The location of sets used in each film was also obtained from IMDB. Cinemap Iran Hungary Philippines If People Can Find Them In the latest effort to ease COVID-19 cabin fever, Google Maps U.K. has launched a virtual scavenger hunt where the prizes are free movies. Ici Paris! Bradford For Vanilla Sky, director Cameron Crowe retained shots of the buildings in the final cut of the film, despite the producers asking for them to be cut. This first appeared in my article Learning from Films in … The resulting maps include nearby hotels and Panoramio photos. Congo Vintage Map The map is a national treasure in Korea and nobody knows why this map has been placed at UWM before the moment that American Geographical Society Library makes public. With Maps being such essential business tools, it is easy to forget that they can also provide a strong visual stimulus to help to influence a desired atmosphere in a setting and sometimes just make other things around them look good! For interest (and a bit of fun!) Berlin [What You Done To Solange] (Massimo Dallamano 1972), The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Luis Bunuel 1972), La Vallée [Obscured by Clouds] (Barbet Schroeder 1972), L’Evènement le plus important depuis que l’homme a marché sur la lune (Jacques Demy 1973), Opera (Bruno Bozzetto & Guido Manuli 1973), Si Don Juan était une femme (Roger Vadim 1973), Slaughter's Big Rip Off (Gordon Douglas 1973), La Société du spectacle (Guy Debord 1973), Les Soleils de l'Ile de Pâques (Pierre Kast 1973), Ici et Ailleurs (J-L Godard & A-M Miéville 1974), Mossafer [The Traveller] (Abbas Kiarostami 1974), Serieux comme le plaisir (Robert Benayoun 1974), C'est pas parce qu'on a rien à dire qu'il faut fermer sa gueule... (Jacques Besnard 1975), A nous les petites anglaises (Michel Lang 1976), France tour détour (Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville 1976), Im Lauf der Zeit [Kings Of The Road] (Wim Wenders 1976), Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l'an 2000 (Alain Tanner 1976), The Chess Players [Shatranj Ke Khilari] (Satyajit Ray 1977), Le Diable probablement (Robert Bresson 1977), L'Une chante l'autre pas [One Sings the Other Doesn't] (Agnès Varda 1977), Violette et François (Jacques Rouffio 1977), Confidences pour confidences (Pascal Thomas 1978), The Nineteen Year Old's Map [Jukyusai no chisu]  (Mitsuo Yanagimachi 1979), The Long Good Friday (John Mackenzie 1980), Mon oncle d'Amérique (Alain Resnais 1980), The Treasure of the Grotoceans (Co Hoedeman 1980), Les Uns et les Autres (Claude Lelouch 1981), Britannia Hospital (Lindsay Anderson 1982), Identification of a Woman (Michelangelo Antonioni 1982), Christopher Columbus (Alberto Lattuada 1985), Le Déclin de l’empire américain [The Decline of the American Empire] (Denys Arcand 1986), Mon beau-frère a tué ma soeur (Jacques Rouffio 1986), De bruit et de fureur (Jean-Claude Brisseau 1988), Almanach des adresses des demoiselles de Paris (Walérian Borowczyk 1989), Chameleon Street (Wendell B. Harris Jr 1989), Sex, Lies and Videotape (Steven Soderbergh 1989), Delicatessen (Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet 1991), Sale comme un ange (Catherine Breillat 1991), Until the End of the World (Wim Wenders 1991), Holozän (Heinz Bütler & Manfred Eicher 1992), Trois couleurs: rouge (Krzysztof Kieslowski 1994), Lumière et compagnie (Gaston Kaboré, Michael Haneke et al., 1995), Les Rendez-vous de Paris (Eric Rohmer 1995), Chacun cherche son chat (Cédric Klapisch 1996), C'est la tangente que je préfère (Charlotte Silvera 1998), L.A. (Debatable.) , but his musical influence is best heard in the songs he inspired. Hong Kong L'Enfant de Paris (narrative of an identification), One Place, Three Films: Fantomas and the French New Wave, the persistence of graffiti: Paris c.1952, Du rififi chez les hommes - reading topotropically, Du rififi chez les hommes - locations identified, Eric Rohmer in the rue de la Huchette, c.1956, 'New York Herald Tribune' - Parrish and Godard on the rue de Berri, A bout de souffle (narrative of an identification), the Grisbi connection: Chabrol and Becker, Une femme est une femme: the places documented, the place of cinema: cinema as location in Vivre sa vie, Godard and Melville: the view from the rue Jenner, One Church Two Cemeteries: Clouzot and Chabrol at Montfort L'Amaury, Feuilladian Franju - Les Yeux sans visage, 1 place 2 filmmakers: Rivette & Chabrol in Ermenonville. Rumania New Mexico Panama Ireland Burgundy Television An incredibly rare version of Korean map called Daedong Yeojido was discovered in the library at UWM. Metro Here is a detail of Reservoir Dogs (Silver Lake) from their News page. Paris. Some films released after 9/11 kept scenes of the World Trade Center in them. By Caitlin Dewey (, 2014 I have complied together my 'Top Ten' Geography related films. Pabst 1927), Le Mystère de la tour Eiffel (Julien Duvivier 1927), Tretya meshchanskaya [Bed and Sofa] (Abram Room 1927), La Chute de La maison Usher (Jean Epstein 1928), Africa in Flames [Stampede] (C. Court Treatt, Stella Court Treatt 1930), Histoire de détective (Charles Dekeukeleire 1930), Coeurs joyeux (Hanns Schwarz & Max de Vaucorbeil 1931), Le Parfum de la dame en noir (Marcel L'Herbier 1931), Rich and Strange [East of Shanghai] (Alfred Hitchcock 1931), Allo Berlin? Newspaper ( Roy Boulting, Jeffrey Dell 1959), La Femme et le Pantin (Julien Duvivier 1959), Moi, un noir (Treichville) (Jean Rouch 1959), North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock 1959), Seigneurs de la forêt (Henry Brandt & Heinz Sielmann 1959), The 1000 Eyes of Dr Mabuse (Fritz Lang 1960), L'Amour existe [Love Exists] (Maurice Pialat 1960), Le Bois des amants (Claude Autant-Lara 1960), Foxhole in Cairo (John Llewellyn Moxey 1960), Die Herren der Welt (William Dieterle 1960), Tire au flanc 62 (Claude de Givray & François Truffaut 1960), Baron Prásil [Baron Münchhausen] (Karel Zeman 1961), Critique de la séparation (Guy Debord 1961), The Night We Dropped A Clanger (Darcy Conyers 1961), Le Puits aux trois vérités (François Villiers 1961), L’Oiseau moqueur [The Mockingbird] (Robert Enrico 1962), The Pitcairn People (Peter Newington 1962), A toi de faire... mignonne (Bernard Borderie 1963), Protokoll einer Revolution (Günter Lemmer 1963), Tystnaden [The Silence] (Ingmar Bergman 1963), The Wrong Arm of the Law (Cliff Owen 1963), Älskande par [Loving Couples] (Mai Zetterling 1964), Children of the Damned (Anton Leader 1964), Le Coup de grâce (Jean Cayrol & Claude Durand 1964), Mata Hari agent H.21 (Jean-Louis Richard 1964), La Mort d'un tueur [Death of a Killer] (Robert Hossein 1964), The Red Desert (Michelangelo Antonioni 1964), Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (Norman Taurog 1965), Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117 (André Hunebelle 1965), It Happened Here (Kevin Brownlow & Andrew Mollo 1965), The Railrodder (Gerald Potterton, John Spotton, Buster Keaton 1965), The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (Martin Ritt 1965), Vaghe stella dell’Orsa (Luchino Visconti 1965), Avec la peau des autres (Jacques Deray 1966), Casino Royale (Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish et al. Kentucky It is another proof how visualization is becoming an interesting feature in popular press. Vanuatu They are different from secondary sources, accounts that retell, analyze, or interpret events, usually at a distance of time or place. Manchester Hamburg Forecast Maps. Iraq England 'The marks on the bull's hide are made from pieces of a geographic map of Europe - torn, dismembered, fancifully reconstituted, and stuck on with cow shit.' Callaghan!!! Philadelphia Bordeaux Germany Colombia (Willy Rozier 1955), Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955), Les Mauvaises Rencontres (Alexandre Astruc 1955), Mr Arkadin [aka Confidential Report] (Orson Welles 1955), Around the World in Eighty Days (Michael Anderson 1956), Cette sacrée gamine [Naughty Girl] (Michel Boisrond 1956), En effeuillant la marguerite [Mam'zelle Striptease] (Marc Allégret 1956), The Flaming Teenage (Charles Edwards & Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr 1956), The Man Who Never Was (Ronald Neame 1956), Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (Louis Malle 1958), En cas de malheur (Claude Autant-Lara 1958), Es geschah am helichten Tag [It Happened in Broad Daylight] (Ladislao Vajda 1958), The Trollenberg Terror [aka The Crawling Eye] (Quentin Lawrence 1958), Carlton-Browne of the F.O. Seattle Tanzania Rome Adam Curtis. He's married to one of them now - you might be surprised which. France Djibouti 1966), Dr Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs (Mario Bava 1966), Der lachende Mann  (Walter Heynowski & Gerhard Scheumann 1966), La Ligne de démarcation (Claude Chabrol 1966), Trans Europ Express (Alain Robbe-Grillet 1966), Une ville à Chandigarh (Alain Tanner 1966), Col cuore in gola [Dead Stop] (Tinto Brass 1967), King Kong Escapes [Kingu Kongu no gyakushû] (Ishirô Honda 1967), La Route de Corinth (Claude Chabrol 1967), The Man Without a Map aka The Ruined Map [Moetsukita chizu] (Hiroshi Teshigahara 1968), The Bed Sitting Room (Richard Lester 1969), Les Choses de la vie (Claude Sautet 1969), La Sirène du Mississippi (François Truffaut 1969), Valparaiso Valparaiso (Pascal Aubier 1969), La Voie lactée (The Milky Way] (Luis Buñuel 1969), Le Cercle rouge (Jean-Pierre Melville 1970), Colossus: the Forbin Project (Joseph Sargent 1970), Ein großer, graublauer Vogel [A Big Grey Blue Bird] (Thomas Schamoni 1970), The Infatuated Camera (Ed Van Der Elsken 1971), Out 1, noli me tangere (Jacques Rivette 1971), Cosa avete fatto a Solange? Billy Wilder’s sardonic romantic drama, a 1960’s Best Picture Oscar-winner, lacerates the sleazy corporate politics of an era when male workers treated their workplace as a pick-up joint.Insurance clerk C.C. Oklahoma South Korea Singapore Palestine South Africa Czechoslovakia Leningrad Isle Of Man - see the extract from the découpage below. Robert Paul in London: tour guide and film maker, La Lune avec les dents (Michel Soutter 1966), Kind Hearts and Coronets: suburbia and other places, topographical telescoping in Le Pont du Nord, Le Pont du Nord (narrative of an identification), a German tourist in Paris: Le Silence de la mer, the topographies of La Fille aux yeux d'or, 10 photographs by Brassaï in 3 Paris dancehalls, Godard's Histoire(s): photographs of women, the photographer as photographer: André Dino with Tati, Truffaut and Chabrol, a building site and some buildings, c.1961, 93 - Seine Saint Denis: HLM, cités, grands ensembles, 93 - Seine Saint Denis: Aubervilliers to Bondy, 93 - Seine Saint Denis: Drancy to l'île Saint Denis, 93 - Seine Saint Denis: La Courneuve to Saint Ouen, 93 - Seine Saint Denis: Sevran to Villepinte, A Remarkable Journey in Zigoto's New Motor-Car - 1912, Henri Grieshaber - architecte chaudefonnier, Les Chansons ont leur destin (anonymous Gaumont production 1908), Christophe Colomb (Gaumont production 1910), La Police en l'an 2000 (anonymous Gaumont production 1910), Un drame à l'usine (anonymous Gaumont production 1912), Juve contre Fantômas (Louis Feuillade 1913), Le Chevalier de Maison Rouge (Albert Capellani 1914), La Vocation d'André Carel (Jean Choux 1925), Garras de oro [The Dawn of Justice] (P.P. Israel 84 mins Available for 10 days. Baltimore New York Algeria Sort by: Film - Comedy ... Eddy and Patsy are still living the high life, but a setback sees them going on the run. Papua New Guinea Foldaway Map Map Room Russia MAPS graduates work locally, interstate and internationally in all areas of filmmaking. Imaginary Place Montreal Barcelona Crete Sweden At MAPS we have trained over 1000 alumni and produced over 1500 films in the past 35 years. Subway A family in emotional turmoil is taken by surprise in this quirky adventure where an eccentric 8-year-old American boy, Wes, has an existential epiphany - He believes that he is in fact a Mongolian goat herder. Marshovia In Donnie Darko, which was released a month after the attacks, parts of a plane fall from the sky Solomon Islands Munich Vienna Egypt War Belgium Arizona Austria 1905 - 1909. Face All Moonrise Kingdom A sweet comedy about young love, Moonrise Kingdom sees two obsessed 12-year olds run away on a camping holiday to the fictitious New Penzance Island.

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