you were watching tv when i dash for my exam

I 1. A. study B. was studying C. studied 8. a. steady Moreover, I am a great <> !�ܡ�e�r�U��;BD�T���\�K���=�����7�>��b�gN�o�.�4�>���Á������_ �AX���>޶o�7������ �d�@ �ejF�ǫc;�5�����lc�:�.�4��I�����^gq���W'�?~k�o���M5W��O˫Z��z����?�i��^�� �����J����� �ǚ���Yy�.�o������~#T秼��WNJ+Iv`������翭��q�o�����o7[2k�[|�#���E�Y�i]#�u~���{J��Sf�և��֛�"������|2���wb��H� Ann was waiting for me when I arrived. See 2 authoritative translations of Watching tv in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. 2. - For two actions when they were … c. much You should not memorise answers and if the examiner thinks that you have done this, you will lose lots of marks. Question 2: Do you enjoy watching sports? When I _____ Peter, he was shopping. Maisie was cleaning up the kitchen when John asked her to marry him. There are many reasons why I don’t watch TV, and here I share my 10 biggest reasons you should not watch TV. 4 0 obj That night I saw an advertisement that has forever stuck in my mind. 2 0 obj A. were going B. went C. gone 7. d. still expensive, Fill in the blanks with appropriate options : Corbett could see the leopard's tail and he knew the leopard ___ attack him. stream If you were to ask me what my favourite sport is, my answer would be swimming. Translate Watching tv. Answered by … a. expensiver !।।।sb so gye kla? d. mustn´t, on_____ nights the shop closes early This is a free multiple-choice quiz that you can do online or print out. - When describing an action in progress at a precise moment in the past: At 11 o'clock yesterday, I was watching TV. I 8. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, you were watching TV when I________for my exam (prepare) fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb given in brackets​, you are _____ smoke in the restaurant. Were you watching TV when I phoned you? <>>> 2. This site is using cookies under cookie policy. 4. We have known each other for a long time. x��][o�F�~`����þ� �l��`s����}�]Y���e�$�����GO}�$�M�ɦփ�dm���V��n��f�\W�c���9����*�������/_���n6��y�}�U�퟿��X�Et��M��R�(/e����q*�����?�}����7��q����oD���D�fq�1��"���&�K]����Ƿo>..������H��|�����K����?�˟߾���Ґ-�XK��DžV*NE�.u�!�s��d�҃��$V���Z�wI,d�b�:*��Fa����h��ۛ,��f���v������_��������?GI}T����D/3G��o�ޞh��x��jw-ֻw��a�D�-����`� -�r�q�k�ټ����E#,�&��у��},��l�tgW��z���;�8����P�E You either join in the conversation as you feel like it went fairly well, or you avoid all discussion of the disaster that just happened. 3. While waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up for work , I was watching advertisements on the TV in the lobby. If Search You were taken advantage of. A. see … . Online quiz to test your understanding of the Past Continuous tense in English. We also have to have yearly, well, woman �XW���^1'R4T^�Z�aC�. WOOT!December 2010 - 50,000 Views! I started learning how to swim when I was five years old and I have been swimming ever since. You were watching TV when I was preparing for my exam. <> Well, there is a wide range of benefits for children if they have a pet. !​, He said that he (go) to dhaka next dayuse the right from of verb​, that car is ____ than mine has obtained an account of the incident from both Member of Parliament for Tema East Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah and Majority … Put the verb into the correct form, present simple (I do), present continuous (I am doing), past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing). d. some, He said that he (go) to Dhaka next day . 1 0 obj It isn´t raining (not/rain) any more. 5. Six of his friends from school and his football team were at my house for my son's birthday party + sleepover last Saturday/Sunday. Yesterday at six, I was preparing dinner. How long have you been a social activist? We have learned 7. I was a bit surprised when his friends were wearing boxers only and no T-shirts for the night. (use the right from of verb)​, ale ale !! %PDF-1.5 ?❣️❣️kya koi mele sai baat klega as a friend!! Watching TV Wastes Time “They put an off button on the TV for a reason. I feel like you get a better quality exam when you have to undress for the whole exam. ��O��GHxE?l������lUZRd�"��$0��q]�Ay)�5�H�Xz /)�̿;= סNGW= ��$�&r����?.��3�G 0��I0��y�{����+Ǵ�i��ÒoT���-!�D>��-��z����S���v)��eL�q�N�nj�^�R�>�t�u���D|�_ I really don’t watch much b. often The kids were playing in the garden when it suddenly began to rain. endobj endobj You were watching TV when I_____for my exam (prepare) fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb give… Get the answers you need, now! c. not allowed to . The phone rang while I was cooking dinner. We'd have to hear a lot more to know how possible this is. (wait, arrive) 5. Turn it off . My parents didn’t allow me to keep a pet as they were worried that I could be bitten by them. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] At least it seems the doctor is interested in checking you over really well. Was doing 13. 10 What do you think are the benefits of a child having a pet? The house cost 7. Get the answers you need, now! b. more expensive Model Answer 1: I don’t really get to spend much time watching TV programs mainly because I remain busy with other priorities in life. 1 TENSES 1. Instead, I’ll show you how to use IELTS Speaking topics to practice your skills and give personal answers that will help you score a Band 7, 8 or even 9. Were you Looking at Exercise 2. 6. 2 Ann was waiting (wait) for me when I arrived (arrive). Gyno Fails: 16 Funny Stories Of Women Visiting Their Doctor It's hard being a woman. (clean, ask) 6. Answer A: It’s really entertaining to watch sports. endobj 1 We can go out now. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> How to Answer: Describe a time when you motivated yourself to complete an assignment or task that you did not... For a Behavioral job interview. a. can´t I was practicing A) Answers: When I phoned my friends, they were playing monopoly. 2017 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Television Cue Card – tv programmes In IELTS Speaking Part One of the Speaking Module, to answer IELTS examiner’s questions in a natural and fluent way, you should focus on one idea only and then expand that idea into a long meaningful sentence using grammar patterns and vocabulary, which can help you get Band 8.0+ for IELTS Speaking. ​. (watch, phone) 4. While I was vacuuming my house, the telephone rang. The 3 0 obj Wish I could find a doctor here in georgia that does it that way. b. forbidden I didn't help him because I _____ for my History exam. c. expensive For ESL learners. If you ever feel the latter, here are some tips for what to do when the exam didn't really go to plan… at my home. %���� In fact, I have subscribed to various sports television channels like Zee sports and CNBC etc. Artist: SheriffAlbum: SheriffSong: When I'm With YouSeptember 2010 - 25,000 Views! We have to endure periods, crazy hormones, pregnancy and menopause to name a few. Two or more verbs in the past continuous The actions happen at the same time Last night, while my father was watching the TV, my sister was listening to the radio and I was doing my homework in my bedroom.

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