bipolar cheating stories

No meds, drinking, gambling, illegal activities, every possible thing he didn’t normally do he was doing. My first wife was BP-1. It went from him cheating to me catching him, to him being mad that I cought him and blaming me for being upset and then him begging and pleading for another chance. The next day I call her to pick her up and she says she doesn’t feel like going and claimed I drugged her the night before and if I come to her house she will call the police. Continually lowering your expectations doesn’t help either. Wow. Ambilify worked very fast for her she sees her actions as another person, like she was driving and controling someone not her in a fantasy world. Bipolar disorder, in my mind, is the “bad guy disease”. I went to bipolar support groups and counseling with him. I realised that I should have trusted my gut feeling, as I knew something was up. Whenever she gets a call unless it’s our daughter she either hangs up or walks away and speaks quiet and for a short time. I was trying to be her personal cheerleader every day and everyone who knew me noticed that the life and joys I had before were sucked out of me the minute she was in my presence. I tossed my bipolar husband of 7 years to the curb after sleeping with a 1st grade teacher at OUR daughters elementary school. Our sex life was okay, but she often got “overwhelmed” afterward and wanted to withdraw from the emotions attached. My brother inlaw is BP and has been medicated for 7 years. So that can be a personality disorder, addiction, PTSD, etc. It was exhausting but I wanted to get her help first so I stayed and gave her the only option and that was join therapy with marriage and with her phychatrist. If I was convinced earliar I would have seeked help for my hubby. Sorry but this is the real world. I found out that my son’s father actually was talking to a woman who advertised personal ad on Craiglist, he cheated on her also. We did not speak for a month then on her b day I texted her and she responded we met up and talked all night I was so happy she was back. He’s fetish with pregnant women also scares me and I know he will always have it. This is just honesty. I see a counselor now and i’m strong and getting a divorce, 17 years and two marriages to him is enough. One day last November, my wife woke up angry. He’s very quiet and is under control, takes responsibility for his life is willing to work on getting out of debt, but she acts out all the time. Where do I begin? I wish I could tell you that she will be back but there is really no guarantee that she will. When I told him about funding anything damaged, he went wild.. Hw left the spare room for six months.. It was not until about 1 month ago that I realized that he was displaing signs of bi polar disorder. You feel like shit. It will never get better than it’s worst day. He is currently gone now with the other woman, but I honestly feel like its only a matter of time, till he “wakes up”. Taking him back time and time again would only make me the enabler..and I don’t care what you have be it bipolar, major depression or PTSD you MUST be held accountable for your behavior. I wonder if anyone has had a simular battle, and is there a possibility that she won’t ever be the same. You mention two choices: moderate the behaviors and/or moderate the expectations. It’s had when someone lies to you and you think you are in a wonderful relationship only to discover you were dating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He does not admit to taking any drugs but I found out that he was talking to one of the patients in the hospital that was an admitted drug dealer (prescription drugs). She promised not to do it anymore. I ever thought he has a serious mental disease. I’m so sorry. I agree with you 100%. However, in the last year she has got this thing about not opening the mail, destroying it and not paying some bills. Yes, I gave him a choice to seriously try at staying well. My current wife, who I’ve been married to for 29 years, started menopause several years ago, and is now showing symptoms of BP-2…..6 months of depression followed 6 months of a way-too-full social calendar. I’m not sure what to do. How are things now? So two nights ago, while she was in the shower, I snuck a look at her phone history and text messages. This did not surprise me.. Now he has been gone a year.. I made friends eventually after our divorce, which was a plus because people who knew him like extended family members that we rarely visited with during out marriage and past co-workers, and those who knew of him began to disclose information about him that I wasn’t aware of. I am a grown woman, and I’m not “psychotic” ie: lost touch with reality. What’s your input ? His true colors will eventually come out and I hope he reaches out for help when it does. Masturbation 2 times a day coupled with passionate steamy sex with my husband STILL doesn’t fully satisfy my needs. I plan to file an ethics complaint with the state, for what good it will do. No matter whether the behavior is public or private it helps to talk. We went to see our priest, who recommended us to a marriage councelor/psychologist. I am not married, but I dated someone who was diagnosed with BP this past year. With this shared, it has now sent me into a deep depression to the point of wondering what my life is worth which is terrible as I need to be strong for my family. He is always irritated yelling over everything. i got into a major rage and started throwing everything i could get my hands on. Remember its not you and there is absolutely nothing you can do, change his mind, or reason with him during the manic phase. Hot New # 1. I was married 30 years ago to a bi polar man who was extremely contolling and abusive. The next night I went to her home to pick up some remaining items and we had sex and she said she loves me. this was our only income due to the fact that i’ve had fibromyalgia for 16 years. Today, the day of our divorce, I am hurt and totally miss her and her children; however, I know in time I will heal and probably for the best. I am now to the point where I say, too bad for her. 47, bipolar. When I married my husband I didn’t know he was bi-polar until we started having problems within 3 months of our marriage. In the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition), it’s listed as a primary symptom of bipolar under the category of “sexual indiscretions”. I have been talking to a therapist and they believe that she is BP but could not confirm unless she is assessed. He says it is just like he is two separate people when this is happening and he is going to seek help and find out if he is bipolar or has sex addiction. at the moment I’m going through a terrible time and all this is still raw for me…i really hope my message helps out in some way. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care. When she started a fight u would put gas on it by fighting back saying she is crazy and delusional I could not believe the wild delusional things she would say. We are both in a 12 step program as well, and I know that making amends is not just about saying you’re sorry. He does all these crazy things that don’t add up, lies and only is concerned about her and that’s it. married for almost 7. My wife has been put on Seroquel and has been taking it for the last 2 weeks. When he got home last week he was uncomfortable as was I but I expected this. 1300 22 4636 He then said we should be apart first i should go to my sister in another state first while we think what we will do with our marriage. It’s a mental disorder. If this is true, Why cant my husband over come the need to be on constant contact with KiKi? She initially accepted, but then decided to put a hold on that as she decided that her medicine was making her do things that weren’t “normal” to her. I’m BP as well and could rrlatr to many of these letters. Did my insecurities pushed him to do it? sorry that you have to endure this but RUN FAST. Does bi polar mean he’s not accountable for his actions?? It all was jump-started during finals week of my second to last quarter of college. I wish your wife the best in her fight to stay stable. Grow up! I’ve just found out my husband of 20 years has been having his second affair. Her Bipolar disorder is severe, and her narcissism prevents her from admitting anything to me amd from taking responsibility for what she has done. Shortly after her confession I started reading about BPD and looked back at our lives with shock, as I recognized all the warning signs had been there all along. He recently begged me to take him back and a week after I did he slept with someone almost young enough to be our daughter and then denied it even though I knew the truth. God Bless! The only reason it did not go further is he is a state away. It’s amazing that I seem to accidently come across this blog, but then again I believe there are not accidents as we would like to believe. he finally began a consulting business, but i knew his decision making skills were very skewed and no matter what i said he argued about it. What lead to me having the affair was I felt as if I wasnt loved by anyone. Because I suffer from my own mental issues (substance dependency) and am committed to this professionally, I feel almost hypocritical. I started to lose confidence in him. I found out he was lying and instead he checked into a hotel all weekend with his mistress. I’m at my wits end. He even risked his jobs by doing something that are going to get him terminated from the jobs couple of times. I got mad later on when I saw them again, him holding her as if they were dating…I was mad and told her it’s time to go, to which she refused and I left alone. I’m good I’ll get me a good girl that is not bi polar God willing and plan a real future because things are so unpredictable being with a Bp spouse . He says every time he saw her we were broken up( because he choose too and didn’t want to see me) so that’s his excuse. He’s got in about 3 grands worth of debt that I didn’t know about trying to impress her, she had been seeing multiple other people and had admitted that she didn’t love him and was only using him for money!! Enough to cause suicide! I feel so bad for you guys that are going through this. I have sleepness nights, I have reoccuring dreams of her manic behaviour and total loss of reality and my emotion. I’ll let you guys know what exactly happened in my next post. Regardless, it is very painful on the kids, spouses ect… I’m extremely worried that she won’t come back mentally? She has decided to leave me and our 3 kids, who are ages 14, 5, and 2. After a year he proposed to me and I found out the was going drinking every night after I went home and he was embarrassing me in public and told me he is bipolar and not taking any medication for 5 years.

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